Idea – Zombie cooperative card game

Played with a ring of cards around table, players turn 5 over each turn. Cards are added to each time players complete their mission.

Players have to collect a certain amount of gas, food etc to get to next level based on number of players plus 1.

There are 3 different sets of cards added over the rounds

Potential Cards

Characters – doctor, hunter, priest, thief, dancer etc

Characters have bravery. Highest bravery starts first. If not successful moves to next player.

Players can chose who to attack first. Though players only get to attack once.

Players can keep up to 5 cards in their car and hold 2 in their hands – including their weapons.

Food – collected. Small meal, big meal

Medical – shared out & used. Medical pack, first aid kit, bandage, beer +1 atk this round

Weapons – have certain effects, put onto players

Sniper rifle. Shotgun. Bow. Knife. Pool cue. Etc

Zombies – have HP and negative effects if not killed

Negative effects – 

diseased – 1 atk

slowed, -1 atk

disgusted -2 bravery

mutilated -2 atk

bitten -1 atk

Horrified -2 bravery

Players can play cards depending on their character and cards played on them

If monsters not killed after each round then negative effects are played into characters

There are 5 round to beat to escape

An alternative might be to have situation/ story mode, places are shuffled and 2 are chosen each turn. Places have number of cards written on eg

Round 1: 20 base cards

Round 2: 15 base, 5 medium cards

Round 3: 10 base, 7 medium, 3 hard cards

Round 4: 6 base, 8 medium, 6 hard cards

Round 5: 4 base, 6 medium, 10 hard cards

Character cards x10

Place cards x10

1. Secure Supermarket (15 b 5m) 

Special, add 3 food cards

2. Abandoned military base (10b, 5m, 5 h)

Special, add 3 weapons cards

3. Forgotten gas pump (15b, 5m)

Special, add 3 gas cards

4. Infested school (5b, 10m, 5h)

Special, remove any weapons cards

5. Grandma’s house (15b, 5m)

Special, add 1 boss zombie

6. Downtown market (6b, 8m, 6h)

7. City center (6b, 8m, 6h)

8. Centre for disease research (4b,6m,10h)

9. Creepy graveyard (8b, 7m, 5h)

10. Secured trading post (16b, 4m)

Base cards x35

Gas x6

Food x6

Medical x5

Weapons x5

Weak zombies x12
Medium cards x30

Gas x4

Food x4 

Medical x3

Weapons x3

Weak zombies x3

Medium zombies: x6

Tough zombies: x1
Hard cards x25

Gas x3

Food x3 

Medical x2

Weapons x2

Medium zombies x4

Tough zombies x6

Boss zombie x2

Players have to play through each situation or the 5 rounds to beat the game getting better weapons etc as they progress

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