Shelved ideas

I thought it might be interesting to make a list of game ideas I’ve shelved over the past year or so I’ve been designing as a hobby.

A pen to change the world

This was an idea of four newspaper companies vying for attention to produce propaganda pieces to persuade the population to protect or revolt against the government – done through a political compass system. A nice idea that never got beyond the basic idea


A board game idea with players trying to escape from an insane asylum, each with their own lovecraftian style abilities. Nice idea but became more and more complex until it didn’t seem fun.


A simple card game where 2 players take turns building up their castle taking cards from a draw pile whilst also attempting to destroy the opposition castle by taking out their main hall. A little fun game but I got bored making it and never took it to the playtesting stage.

City builders

Another board game before I moved to making card only games. Players place pieces on a hex map to build a city, collecting points based on the piece and those around it – eg putting shops next to houses earned more points. Ended up being similar to what is now concrete jungle. Never got very far due to the number of pieces and complexity involved.


An island survival game where players collect cards to try to survive on a desert island. Never left the idea stage.


Players survive and influence a corrupt government playing as protesters, different sections of government etc. Fun idea that I stopped working on as it got more complicated. I could never find a good way of making it simple and also include everything I wanted in it.

Earth / NSA

Players have to write coded messages to each other whist avoiding the police/government/NSA (lol). 1 player the government, 1 a criminal and the others are normal People. Government has to try and catch the right person whilst the criminal has to do criminal stuff. Had a large complicated board that could in future be simplified. Lost interest but might return to. 

To be continued 

2 thoughts on “Shelved ideas

  1. Hello A Mewing Cat (Simon)

    Thanks for the like on my Man of TIN blog about the Flintlock and Feather Scissors Paper Stone game mechanics. I also write the Pound Store Plastic Warriors blog which carried some of the same type of simple duelling rules explored.

    Interesting ideas here on your never finished page and elsewhere on your blog.

    Have you checked out the Wargames Developments group WD and its journal The Nugget produced by Games blogger Robert ‘Bob’ Cordery? Bob is a recently retired London area lecturer or teacher who runs the Wargaming Miscellany blog and wrote The Portable Wargame? WD also have a games development weekend called COW Conference of Wargamers each July to which I have never been but is written up on various blogs.
    There is also an interesting website run by John Curry called the History of Wargaming reprinting past and present thinking professional simulation and gaming. Check out the website. Similarly the Little Wars Revisited 54mm gaming forum where some people are involved in library and youth projects. I remember D and D Games Worskhop Fighting Fantasy Books being used in education in the 1990s for lunchtime clubs and boys literacy.

    I like very simple rules and occasional simple card driven games as long rules puzzle me (being a bear of very little brain) playing mostly solo but I do like the early Don Featherstone rules including in his Solo Wargaming a chapter called Wargaming in Bed with simple jousting and duelling explored on my Man of TIN blog and Pound Store Plastic Warriors.

    Several of the other games bloggers are involved in education such as Tradgardmastre / Duchy of Tradgardland (it’s fun why not invent your own Imagi-Nation?) and have run games clubs at schools – some used the Duelling Game by Gerald De Gre that I featured on the blog recently as a quick Pirate Game for example.

    There is also the Junior General website.

    Very best wishes for your project I will keep an eye on your blog

    Mark, Man of TIN

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    • Thanks for the comment – I’ll have to check them out! I usually keep games pretty simple too just because my audience tends to be young teenagers who only have like 30 mins or so to play each day. Gotta be quick and simple! Wil check them out thanks


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