Sandbrook Heist: expanding outwards and beyond

Now that Heist seems to be mechanically successful (and more importantly fun!) I have begun thinking about how to expand and improve it. Link to try it for yourself is at the bottom.

Currently version 1 is:

6 players, 2 police and 4 criminals.

Criminal players include one mastermind who must collect and play 3 out of 5 plan cards in order to win. The other criminals must help the mastermind but can also steal treasure for themselves. The criminal players so far are the street urchin, the cat-burglar and the ignoble gentleman.

In total there are 50 cards, meaning it can be printed out as a simple deck of cards pretty simply. 

Further to this I also have ideas for two more players – the cultist; a criminal who also converts players to his own team allowing them to win and the fallen wrench, who uses medicine to either help or hinder other players. 

Link to version 1 playtest Link (Edited to update to V.2, correcting spelling errors and changing face up/face down cards)


Players are dealt one character card face down each

Players begin with 3 cards from the deck and pick up three each turn. Previous winner begins or randomly.

All players close their eyes, the Police and Investigator open their eyes so they know who each other are. Everyone opens their eyes. 

On their turn players pick up three cards then discard any cards they have which they do not want, or are the wrong team (eg criminals cannot hold police cards) into a discard deck next to the play deck. They may then either play any cards of their character on themselves or other players. They may also pass cards to other players face down.

Cards played on other players are put in front of their character cards either face up or face down. Passed cards are given directly into their hands.

Treasure cards are placed face down in the center of the table. The mastermind also plays “plan” cards into the center of the table alongside them. 

Both police and criminals play treasure cards. At the end of the game the winning player colects any treasure from the center of the table and can give them our (or not!) To his team (or who he thinks is his team). These count as points for the round until the game ends, players run out of time etc.

The game ends when the mastermind is investigated by the investigator (after having a detain or arrest card played on them), or the mastermind plays three plan cards.

Any treasure in front of characters (stolen from the middle) gives them additional points at the end of the round.

Any questions or ideas? Let us know!

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