Shelved ideas 2

I thought it might be interesting to make a list of game ideas I’ve shelved over the past year or so I’ve been designing as a hobby. 
Part 2:

Fast Food Inc.

A game similar on many ways to “Sushi Go” but with players building their own fast food themed restaurant, players collect from a group deck and have to build up a starter, main and dessert with extra points for whether the dish makes sense (same type of food) and if it fits their theme. Lack of good / inspiring pictures etc made me lose interest, but I often find myself coming back to it as a good idea.

The Regent

Playtested pretty successfully on Tabletop Simulator with some friends, and based heavily on the “guild” series of games, this get is in two parts – one part where you are trying to become the regent and a second part where you are trying to get as much money as possible. Political titles give you a turn by turn up front payment but also give you additional powers, like the ability to tax or imprison your opponent’s. The second part involves buying up buildings that create a production chain, giving you more money each turn. A fun game but one that has been sadly forgotten recently due to my focus on card only games.

The Regent – Lite

A card game of the above, but it wasn’t complicated enough so needs more work.

Murder in Sandbrook

A prequel to the Sandbrook theme games, evolved into Sandbrook Heist.


A cat based economy game. Evolved into Cat Academy. Which I need to get back to.


A card based game where players produce propaganda to fulfil a mission. I had fun making it but didn’t go anywhere.

Space Agents

Turned into Tranquility Station. A space station with one player as a traitor with a mission. Unfortunately the station is also unlucky and plagued by other problems. Players have to escape the station before the traitor completes his mission.


A card game of magic vs emerging technology to influence public opinion to create laws benefiting either side. The winning side is the one who passes 5 laws first. I never completed the cards, but thought an interesting idea in a steam punk world with magic.


A game of escaping teachers to truant class. Never went anywhere.

Unlikely Heros

A funny game where the townspeople must band together to kill a raging monster. Trouble is the townspeople consist of farmers, miners, blacksmiths etc. Players work together to create tools, weapons etc and fight the monster.

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