State of the game – Sandbrook Heist!

Playtesting of Heist version II was completed earlier today, with three games taking approx 20 minutes once everyone had arrived and set up. 

Set up was pretty quick as there are only 50 cards in total with 6 of them as the character cards. It was the same playgroup as the previous version so little explaining of the rules was needed and playtesting got under way quickly.

We ended up with a fair spread of points over the three games, one player ending with 5 points and the rest between 3 and 1. One unlucky player not received any points having been on the losing team each time! Players seem to enjoy it though even when not winning. Having no cards that remove players from the game seems to have been a good decision.

Playtesting heist version 1

Heist during play – here most of the cards are face down and not visible to the majority of players. Theres a card protecting one player, and another has had his turn skipped by the red player. We can probably deduce that the yellow is the mastermind and the red a policeman or investigator that the red player has guessed.

Having designed the game for a further 2 players it will be interesting to see how 8 players affects the dynamic as it is working well with 6. I would still like to see it expanded to allow further variation etc. Variation has definitely helped keep SS Sandbrook fresh for the playtesters, who still come to play at lunchtime months later.

Playtesting with revealed cards

Here we can see that as expected the player with the yellow card protecting them was the mastermind. With a final plan card the mastermind is due to win on their next turn, collecting 3 treasures for his team – not a massive win, but a win nonetheless.

Further playtesting this week so hopefully some good feedback leading to further changes as needed. Will update when I have more!

Playtesting in action with 7th character added

Lunchtime blind playtest

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