Game update: Village Life crossroads to exploration

We have come to a crossroads in developing Village life. Originaly the game is designed with a board in which the map is pre-printed and players add buildings onto it.

Game board

The current game map, which players add pieces to as their economy grows

However another (I think) more interesting idea would be to have a set of tiles that players explore, then claim and build on each turn. This would add another step to the game (meaning gamplay would take longer), but also add a lot of creativity to the game.

The benefits I see are:

  • Game board changes with each playthrough, making it more interesting.
  • Different tiles can be easily added, making exploration part of the game.
  • Tiles can have different bonuses, rather than the static board
  • I think the tiles look much nicer

However the challenges are:

  • Increased cost – tiles over a game board
  • Tiles on top of tiles? How are buildings done? Would placing smaller tiles on top of larger tiles become burdonsome?
  • Does the game need more complexity or would it be confusing?
  • Would the tiles interlink well together?
Sawmill game piece

A sawmill to be placed on a forest tile showing the cost and income

I also considered Hex tiles, but they seem to come out as twice the price of square ones, so will keep them as a backburner for the moment.

Playtesting update here

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Challenge: Day 23/30

Day 23 of the 30 days, 30 ideas challenge where I create 30 ideas for games over the next 30 days. See other days here.

Defend the Castle!

A beautiful castle photo

Game type: board game

Length: 30-60 mins


Players are knights who defend a medieval castle from outside attack. Players have to use tiles to build their castle and place defenders in strategic positions. As a cooperative game, players must work together to defend the castle.

The enemy pieces could also be player controlled, or played by bee-lining towards the castle each turn. Attacking forces could have d6’s on their cards to represent a simple number of troops left or hit points of the unit.

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Challenge: Day 22/30

Day 22 of the 30 days, 30 ideas challenge where I create 30 ideas for games over the next 30 days. See other days here.

Neko fighting team

Game type: card game

Length: 30-60 mins


Players are part of a fighting team who have to defeat monsters and villains across the city. Each player will have different tactics but must work together to complete missions of increasing difficulty.

Practically players draw cards from the tactics or situation deck, helping them fight or improve their situation. Situation cards also create new monsters or villains to fight so players need to be ready to face their enemies.

Cute and sexy cat

Stop playing with your food!

Patreon link picture

Challenge: Day 21/30

Day 21 of the 30 days, 30 ideas challenge where I create 30 ideas for games over the next 30 days. See other days here.

A Dictator’s Power

Game type: card game

Length: 30-60 mins


One dictator has to control political and military/security to stay in power

Other players represent other areas of the government under the power of the dictator. They play cards to gain influence, political power, control over the military etc.

Game ends when the dictator is ousted from power to install a new player as dictator, or manages to remain in power for a certain number of turns

Cards/players could include

Political cards

External influences eg UN


Media influence


There could also be situations that come up overtime to add a little randomness to the game.

Dictator cards - student fun and games

Classic student gaming!


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Challenge: Day 20/30

Day 20 of the 30 days, 30 ideas challenge where I create 30 ideas for games over the next 30 days. See other days here.

Garden show

Game type: board game

Length: 60 mins


Players place pieces together on a board to fill out a garden/auto/etc show/mall/etc

Pieces could include different shops or parts of the show, with similar ones creating extra points. 

Player with the most points at the end wins! 


Chelsea Garden Show roses photo

A photo of some roses for you!

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Challenge: Day 19/30

Day 19 of the 30 days, 30 ideas challenge where I create 30 ideas for games over the next 30 days. See other days here.

Revision Dominoes

Game type: board game

Length: 10 mins


Definitely not an original idea but one I haven’t really seen much. Linking together packs of “dominoes” with key words for revision purposes, could be gamified with multiple descriptions that could fit the keyword etc. 

Could also be expanded to other forms eg; Faces and verbs, Pictures and keywords etc. For a wide range of years, difficulties etc


Boris Johnson yawning

Boris working on his schoolwork

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Challenge: Day 18/30

Day 18 of the 30 days, 30 ideas challenge where I create 30 ideas for games over the next 30 days. See other days here.

Sports Day

Game type: card game

Length: 5 mins / game


It’s that time of year again! So here’s a sports day one. Players have to collect appropriate characteristics for their player from a set of cards such as, fast legs, strong arms etc. In order to get the best set of cards to win at a sports day event.

Game wins when there is an overall winner after 5 events.

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Playtest: Village life I

Edit: Now being developed as a full board game! Follow along herehere, or pledge $1 to get it when it’s completed!

Today we playtested Village life for the first time – the first board game I have created and looked forward to seeing the results!

We playtested it for about 30 minutes until we ran out of time and ended up roughly with a winner – though a longer playtest would be ideal.

Game playtesting for village life

Manic playtesting!

It went pretty well overall but the economy needs fixing somewhat – currently some buildings are too expensive in comparison to others and this can mean some players feel short changed. An example of this is the mine/smithy economy. Currently there are only 3 mining spaces on the boards and smithies are more expensive to build as they require iron.

Food however has more spaces and doesn’t require resources to build. In the market though the resources are all with the same, and convert into “products”, with the same value.

To overcome this one of two things could be changed:

1) The buildings are made equal in price (which could make it too similar to be interesting)

2) The mines and smithies produce dlgoods that sell for different/higher amounts (would we need additional counters to show these? Would also need additional testing)

The Council part of the game, where players fight to become the Noble

The second part of the game is one that, after some explaining, also worked well, but needs work to gel with the first part. This is the Town Council part, that comes into play once the Village has been constructed. Playtesters enjoyed the council aspect, but noone really used their powers – except to bribe others. The arresting mechanic also needs work as could be too powerful.

Finally the game needs to be designed for more players. I have made it for 4 solely due to the amount of cards I have printed, but think it would work with more. I am getting more coins etc in the post soon, so should be able to test this out.

Current state:

Mechanics: mostly work!

Design: Fiddly and impractical

Playtesters view: Generally positive! Some confusion regarding the interaction between the different ‘games’.

The Village portion of the game, where players build up their own economy as well as that of the village.

Things to do: 

Further playtesting of current version

Update smithies to work in economy

Make 4 further player cards

Flatten the crazy game board so everything doesn’t fall into the middle!

Make council gel with village part

Challenge: Day 17/30

Day 17 of the 30 days, 30 ideas challenge where I create 30 ideas for games over the next 30 days. See other days here.

Another Castles game

Game type: board game

Length: 60 mins


Players each have a castles deck with different castle parts and a military deck with invaders/defenders. Players chose one part each turn to improve their castle or attack another players castle. 

Game ends when the other player’s castle is destroyed.

Could have different decks for different castle styles eg English, Japanese etc

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