Focus on: Micro Games

Recently there was a competition from Button Shy Games Link which got me thinking about making tiny wallet sized games. Firstly I thought that anything I made would inevitably be much better with a larger number of cards – SS Sandbrook with the extended characters gets up to 150 cards with 12 different characters and the first prototype of Heist! Reaches 52. 

After passive over the idea initially, I came up with a few (read:loads) of ideas, both new ones and adaptions of older ideas that I thought could be fun. Some of which I’ve knocked up as prototypes and others still as ideas:

1) Spell wars: up to 5 players/wizards grab a random spell card from water, fire, earth, air and spirit. 

Players then pick up a card to keep, discard or pass to another player to create a deck of 1 Spell and two modifiers. When all players have three cards, the round ends and players chose who to target with their spells. Each player starts with 20 health and the last one standing is the winner. I made a quick prototype and wanted to see if was any good so ordered a copy which will hopefully arrive soon! Normally I would just print out a copy., But these always get folded and messy after a couple of playtests.

2) The Lowest Bidder

Lowest bidder game, greasy broken chicken

Would you buy a greasy broken chicken that attracts cats?

I’ve had an idea for this in the back of my mind for a while but wasn’t sure how to implement it. The starting player decides on something they want  a to seek and make the most profit off. Players take three cards each and must use these to convince another player to buy their product. The starting player then decides who wins the round. Play continues until one player has won 3 contracts.

Played it briefly today with my little playtesting group and was pretty fun – though it does suffer from the “better with more cards” effect. Pretty amusing though and people got into it surprisingly quickly – we had someone trying to convince the buyer that their racist car, covered in spikes was better than a gold plated one at one point. 

Playtesting the 18 card wallet game

Despite being bulletproof, the tasty chicken was bought by the investor – wining the game

I hope to knock out a few more over the coming week and see how it goes!
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