Challenge: Day 5/30

Day 5 of the 30 days, 30 ideas challenge where I create 30 ideas for games over the next 30 days. See other days here.

To Space!

Game type: Card game

Length: 20-30 mins


Players are independent space agencies attempting to do the first of different space achievements – eg first man in space, first man on the moon etc.

Players select from different card decks to build a working space craft which give a certain chance of success. Card packs would need to be designed either in technology order or in different “technology decks”. Different card decks could be engines, habitation etc. 

Players either roll to take off or pick up a card on their turn, making it a gamble between looking for a better card for a better chance or trying to beat your opponent to succeed.

I am thinking D6 but other dice could work too.

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