Focus on: Sins of Satan

This is my take on a Secret Hitler style game, and one of the first games I made as a card game. It’s designed to be a little quicker and overcome some of the problems we had playing it. It’s also designed with a different theme – that of stopping Satan from corrupting the world.

Game rules based on secret hitler

Rules are similar to “Secret Hitler”

One of the main challenges in designing the game was making sure both sides had a good chance of winning. As Virtuous players usually have more players, the virtues played are often more helpful for sinful players to offset the difference. Sins on the other hand usually greatly benefit the sinful players. 

Gluttony is a sin

More sins = better chance to win as the sinners

Temperance my well be a virtue, but it doesnt help you win…

I hope to redesign this at some point to overcome some of the inherent problems with it, but if you fancy taking over the world it’s available as a workshop item on Tabletop Simulator here.

Have fun!

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