State of the game: Heist II, playtest and changelog

Heist! Has made its way through its second round of playtesting and is ready for an update. Its been professionally printed, been playtested about 50 times now and is recieving positive feedback from the playtesters.

Game cards made professionally

Properly printed cards!

In response to feedback here are the updates to version 3 and the challenges we still face:

Rules have been rewritten and updated to be more concise and include an FAQ.

The number of cards available to non-critical player characters has reduced from 7 to 5 to avoid duplicates and make more concise. This also allows for an 8th player character to be trialed: The Plague Doctor.

New character the plague doctor

An eighth character addition?

Two of the Catburgular’s cards have been changed in response to feedback that they are a boring character to play. I don’t want to scrap this character just yet, but need to find a good way of making them enjoyable to play.

Removed the Cultists’ “everyone miss a go” card as no-one used it in most of the games.

Currently there is an odd number of cards in the game (70 something), which will need addressing as it will make it difficult or expensive to print.

A few spelling updates etc also corrected.

Will update when the cards arrive to see how they came out when properly printed. I can also then begin blind testing properly in version 4 hopefully!

Alpha card design

Alpha Test III card back

FYI Artwork currently just placeholder art to give people the idea of what’s happening in the game 😀
 Heist! Is available for download to early adopters on our patreon

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