State of the game: Evolve!

On day 6 of the 30 days/30 ideas challenge I came up with a legacy style board game in which players create an ecosystem on a map board.

Game map outline showing different regions

Basic outline of the game map showing the different base regions.

The map has an unequal number of each tile, with sea being the most common at the beginning of the game. Sea life forms find it harder to take over land than land to sea however, making it more even for players.

Seeds do best on green grass tiles, but need to work harder to inhabit mountain or sea tiles

There are three types of plant in the first evolution; Seeds, Spawn and Cacti. The winner of each round is the first player to control a certain number of map tiles, which are spread to each turn with different costs. Each tile earns a player one point to spend which means players must think tactically to gain the largest share if the map. Also contested pieces (those with players already on cost more to take over). 

Droppers eat seeds, so are more likely to flourish if the previous seed player has done well.

When there is a winner for the first stage, players move onto the second stage. Here animals must then take advantage of the map created by the first stage. Players are given a random animal from Droppers, Sneakers and Biters meaning the player who won the first round may now have to fight against how good they were in the last.

Finally, the Hunters eat the Droppers – so are more likely to flourish in those areas.

In the final round the carnivores come out to play, eating the previous set of animals. The game ends when the third round player controls half of the map.

Evolve cards are picked up based on how many “unnatural” tiles players hold at the beginning of their turn amd can change the course of the game.

I hope to be able to get a first version out soon and give it a run through to see if it all works (and most importantly is fun!)


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