Ideas Bank – Monday 5th June

Here’s some new game ideas to start your week off creatively!

How about…?

A game where one player creates a secret villain base in a volcano, where traps, henchmen and secrets are stored. The second player(s) are agents trying to investigate the island, getting more powerful the more secrets they uncover to attempt take out the villain themself!

A game where players work their way through a wizard academy, starting with basic spells and overcoming termly tests and random situations that give extra spells and items if overcome. Play continues for 5 years (15 rounds) ending in a big boss to overcome at the end. 

Settlers as a board game?

Settlers 2 pc game as a board game?

More farms to feed the mines!

Dominus as a board game!

Dominus pc game

Protect the castle from the invasions!

More next Monday!

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