Wednesday Roundup: 7th June 2017

Playtesting this week :

SS Sandbrook V7 – Card game; Social deduction

The Village – Board game; Exploration, Economy and Politics, board game

SS Sandbrook

Playtesting SS Sandbrook card game

Playtesting SS Sandbrook in progress

Our little testers have been checking for any errors in version 7 before we finalise and go to print on v8 (the changelog can be found here). Play went well over the two sessions run and players managed to complete three games without needing to check instructions /rules etc which is looking positive. 

Village lifeVillage life version II in progressVillage life version II in progress

Testers teaching testers…?

Earlier this week we went hands off to have playtesters teaching new players. It started simply as a necessity and turned into a really good idea. With the exams still on, life is busy and so my attention was taken away from the board games towards real life.

Village III Prototype

On Wednesday we broke out prototype III, converting the board game into an open exploration game. This means players have to search out their locations first, incorporating an element of randomness which will need balancing. Feedback however feedback was positive and players preferred the open nature of the game to the static board. 

Gaming materials all boxed up and ready

Materials ready for play

Gameboard showing the different spaces and key partd

The basic gameboard put together

Most parts explored - players are building their economy

Game in progress with 4 players at (almost) the end of exploration and a good economy being built

The first playthrough went well with 4 players. Despite the “random bonus” cards, there were three runners for first place at the end of the game, with the fourth not too far behind. 

We decided the winner by how much it would cost to buy the resources/buildings outright.

Player 1:

3 honour (15), mixed resources (5), buildings (15). Total: 35 (Honour win)

Player 2:

0 honour (0), mixed resources (18), buildings (16). Total: 34

Player 3:

0 honour (0), mixed resources (12), buildings (12). Total: 24
Player 4:

0 honour (0), mixed resources (14), buildings (16). Total: 30
Honour is earned either by buying outright (“giving to the poor”) or by constructing certain buildings. Player 1 here got the honour by building the City building, upgrading the Village and opening the second part of the game. Unfortunately we didn’t have time for this aspect though on this 30 minute playthrough.


General – Exploration style better than standard map

Balancing needed with regards to random tile cards 

Balance needed with regards to supplies/later buildings. IE if mines are rare, but minerals are worth the same, why does getting a mine make a difference?

More next week! (Next week will be Thursday!)

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