Complex or simple economy?

Just a quick poll – do you think a simple or complex economy in a board game is better and what are the pros and cons of each?

Also which do you think young teenagers would prefer? What do you think is needed to keep teenagers entertained in a board game, that might be different from adults?

Let us know!

2 thoughts on “Complex or simple economy?

  1. As I run the high school games club during a 40 minute lunch hour, by necessity simple economy mechanics are all there’s room for. I also find that during our after school longer play sessions high school age kids would rather interact than bean count.

    Worker placement/economy games are often too abstract to get new gaming kids to buy in and is more of an acquired taste I find.

    Great site! I’m glad you’ve got a willing bunch of young people to work through your games with.


    • Thanks! Yeah I sat down and did a load of calculations for a more complex one earlier, but thought they might not really enjoy it. I think it’s more enjoyable just as is at the moment in it’s fairly simple way. Thanks for the comment!

      40 minutes pretty much here too – never enough time for a full proper playthrough of some of these games. That’s why I mostly stuck to quick social deduction card games (and cat themed ones for the younger kids!😸😸)


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