Thursday Roundup: 15th June 2017

Playtesting this week :

Village Life (alpha II and III)- Board game; Exploration, Economy and Politics, board game

Emotions (alpha 1) – new educational mix and match card game

Due for testing…

SS Sandbrook v.0.8; awaiting editing and printing

Snollygoster, by Mr.Lovens. printed, awaiting playtest.

Human Hunting; by Iceaxe games, printed, awaiting playtest.

In detail:

Emotions I


Emotions card layout

First run through of Emotions card game ran well, a quick matching game with similar mechanics to ‘Old Maid’.

Easy to pick up and play, but with an educational slant. Now addressing some additions (definitions of the words) and emotive artwork to replace the generic creative commons ones.

Game should be much quicker to finish than others simply because of the mechanics and simplicity.

Village Life II – III

Exploration, Economy and Politics. Life in the sleepy village is about to get interesting…

Version II ran well through the week

Version III was created and playtested for the first time today:


Printing out and sricking on card ready for playtest

Almost ready!

Playtesting V.III

Version three increases the size of the cards so they are much easier read, and adds a second version of many of the cards, adding depth. Players can now upgrade their buildings, meaning they have a lot more basic income.

The economy has been designed so players can pick it up quite easily and make a good economy, but also allows for creative planning to maximise profit offering a challenge to veteran players.

We played for 25 minutes today before being rudely interrupted by a fire alarm!

More to come next week!

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