Thursday Roundup: 22nd June 2017

Playtesting this week :

Emotions (alpha 1) – new educational mix and match card game. Currently updating to Alpha 3 and having art made up! We’ve playtested it about 10 times this week and is running well.

Village Life (alpha III)- Board game; Explore, Expand, Elect.  

Version 3 has 24 exploration cards that allow players to explore and build on. Here the first player, green, has found an early forest. One of 3 in the game.

Exploring the village surroundings

Play continues with players moving one square per turn and building when they can to create their economy. Here green has built an early sawmill, white and blue have placed farms. The fourth player is likely to also build a farm after discovering plains.

A player recieves a handful of gold by stumbling across a temple

Green has now discovered a ruin meaning instantly reviewing 5 coins. A good way to get ahead early in the game!

Exploring hidden lands in Village Life

Exploration continues with the white player finding wheat – making double food per turn. From this picture we can find out:

White has income of 2 food /round (4 if they build a farm on wheat) and is the lease master(1/turn)

Red has an income of 2 food and 1 iron/ round and is the councillor (1/turn)

Blue has an income of 2 food /turn but is sitting in a forest

Yellow has an income of 3 food /turn.

Green has an income of 2 wood and one food and is the town guard. Because of the position and use of wood over food, green is probably in the best position at this point.

Players uncovering the last few locations as the game continues…

A challenge by the green player looking for promotion. It’ll be down to the councillor (blue) to decide whether Green gets to usurp White’s position on the council.

Overall play continues until one player has 15 honour (or 30 for a longer game). In this case Red became noble and through bribary of the other players kept their position long enough to gain the 15 needed to win.

More next week! Let us know what you think of the game so far  in the comments below!

Due for testing…

SS Sandbrook v.0.8; Still editing

Snollygoster, by Mr.Lovens. printed, awaiting playtest.

Human Hunting; by Iceaxe games, printed, awaiting playtest.

Want our games as soon as they are released? Want to play this and other games right now? Want to help our tabletop club stay open and provide free educational and mental health games to local schools?  Check out our Patreon page! It makes a massive difference to our members!

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