Sunday Progress Update: 25th June 2017

Hi all! Here’s our roundup of this week’s progress, an overview of what’s available and what’s coming soon.

I have been out quite a lot this week so less progress than usual. Village life is going well and popular with the students and Emotions is waiting on artwork. Take a look below!

What have we been working on this week?

Village Life: Explore, Expand, Elect. 

Turning over an exploation card in Village Life

Current version 0.3D
Still playtesting prototype 3, an economy game designed for teenagers, but with a complexity that adults will also enjoy. This has been our main target for playtesting this week.

About 20 new buildings have been added as upgrades to buildings from 0.2, players can now upgrade farms to estates etc, with new artwork.

Currently working on upgrading to prototype 4 which will:

  • Redesign and improve the politics aspect (started)
  • Look into practical aspects of printing etc. (Currently way too high. The prototype is going to cost $70 as it is now)
  • Ensure portability whilst keeping quality
  • Standardise the buildings etc

More info here and here.


See more information here.

Matching game based on matching emotional vocabulary. To be used in schools / young parents, especially those with learning difficulties or other similar. Likely to be released free to Patrons.

Only changes this week are assigning definitions to each card and finding someone to do the art work. I am getting an example done soon for feedback, currently we are going for cute chibis due to price and target age (kids)

Game mechanics: 0.8 (mechanics are based on familiar matching games like ‘Old Maid’)
Artwork: 0.3 (waiting on artwork example)
Rules and rulebook: 0.8 (as above)
Costings: 0.8 (54 card deck)

SS Sandbrook

A social deduction card game for 3- 9 players. More info here and here.

A small update this week 0.8-0.8a to change and standardise some of the cards to make them easier to read and understand. Also standardised the injury cards so there are less arguments over meaning!

Game mechanics: 0.8a
Artwork: 0.4
Rules and rulebook: 0.7
Costings: 0.7 (base game runs at approx 100 cards)

What’s available to download or order now?

Free for Anyone

Let’s Photograph 1.0: Photography ideas cards – see here

Pocket Munch 1.1: Silly quick and simple card game – see here

Free to Patrons

Cat Academy Micro Battle 0.8: a wallet game version of Cat Academy, see below.

The Lowest Bidder 1.0: a simple wallet card game where player’s compete to sell their products.

$5/20 subs: 

SS Sandbrook 0.8 print and play, see below

Sandbrook Heist Alpha 0.2, see below

Cat Academy Beta 0.7, see below

Village Life Alpha 0.3C, see above

Emotions 0.2, see above

Sins of Satan Beta 0.8, see below

Don’t forget Patrons are only charged when a full, complete card or board game is released, not every month, and it doesn’t cost you a penny to sign up!

What’s also in the pipeline?
Current progress of all games not mentioned above:


Cat Academy Battle: a fun, fast mix and match game about getting the best Cat you can. Players match adjectives to their Cat cards to earn the most points they can in a round. In Battle! Mode, players also fight for their team – friendly or ferocious.

Version number: 0.7
Game mechanics: 0.7
Artwork: 0.6
Rules and rulebook: 0.5
Costings: 0.8 (base game is 54 cards)

Sandbrook Heist! A quick social deduction card game. Currently playtesting version 0.2 with an update to 0.3 in the pipeline.

Game mechanics: 0.5
Artwork: 0.1
Rules and rulebook: 0.3
Costings: 0.9


 Sandbrook Heist v0.2 printed for playtesting. Also shown ‘Spell Wars’ not currently being worked on

Sins of Satan: Beta 0.8. 

My own card game based on the mechanics of “Secret Hitler”, where players try to to promote virtues and stop Satan from playing Sin cards, with each card having a different themed effect (rather than blank policies). More info here. A quicker playthrough designed for a younger audience.

Now released as a Beta to Patrons!


 One of the sins players must try and avoid – art from the 0.7 version


Evolve! A new 3 round board game where players build up their plant and animals over 3 seperate rounds. Taking on a different plant/animal each time with winner takes (eats?) all. Printed but not Playtesting due to time restraints. Pre-alpha stage.

Tranquility Station: players arrive, job cards in hand to their first job on a space station. Chaos ensues as traitors, aliens and viruses spread through the ship. Board game for up to 8 players. More info here. Pre-alpha stage.

Tranquility station being played online

 Tranquillity Station on TTS

A note on game versions, alphas, betas etc.

Alpha means it is in a playable state, but either untested or needs a lot of work.

Beta means it is playable and has been well playtested, but requires some additional work or finishing off.

Version number: How close we are to completing the game overall.
Game mechanics: How close we are to having the mechanics tested and set in stone
Artwork: How much artwork we have completed for the game, usually the final part.
Rules and rulebook: How much the rules are set and the rulebook written and edited.
Costings: How far we have cost/benefited the game and considered publishing costs etc.

0.0 – 0.4: Game/area is in early stages.
0.4 – 0.7: Game has been well Playtesting but requires work.
0.8 – 0.9: Game is in the final stages of completion, usually lacking final editing, artwork etc.
1.0: Game is completed and released. “Free for all” games will have a blog entry with download. Others will be available to download through Patreon as completed.

Comments and suggestions? Want to see something not shown? Got an idea for a game you want making? Let us know in the comments below!

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