Thursday Roundup: 29th June 2017

Playtesting this week :

Not much to report this week! Between not being in and playing Munchkin there isn’t much to report, so just a quick summary today.

Emotions 0.3 – Mechanics work well, playtesting it some more but waiting for artwork to print out 0.4. There’s some new cards added in the next version so that will need playtesting in the next few weeks when it’s ready. It’s a simple mix and match so shouldn’t need much playtesting to bring to 1.0.

Village Life (alpha 0.3/0.4)- Board game; Explore, Expand, Elect.  

Only one proper playtest this week so not much to add! 

Heist! 0.4

New version of Heist! Has been made with an additional character, and some balancing. Playtesting this week has focused on balance, with the Mastermind winning one more time than the Investigator – at 6 wins to 5. 

We look next to playtesting the new character in the coming weeks, this also changes around the amount of cards per character so will be interesting to see how this version plays out.

Have also started collating the playtesting win resukts using ScorePal -let me know what you think of this app in the comments below!

Due for testing…

SS Sandbrook v.0.8b; looking to print it out professionally. Players are currently regularly playing version 7 – but doesn’t need playtesting any more.

Snollygoster, by Mr.Lovens. printed, awaiting playtest. Still – sorry!

Human Hunting; by Iceaxe games, printed, awaiting playtest. Still!!

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