Thursday Roundup: 06th July 2017

Playtesting this week :

Tatorship by MakerofGames

This week we have started looking into a guest card game called Tatorship – a competitive game where players fight to become the first (or best) dictator, with a cute potato theme. We got the rules down pat so will let you know how the full game pans out next week!

Sins of Satan / Demon Controller 0.8

Name change and update this week, so testing for the newer edition. Have also created a tile based quick version which is being printed off and will be on the list of things needing playtesting!

We’ve playtested it 4 times for far this week with an equal amount of Demon to Good wins which is looking positive so far!

Also played a couple of rounds of SS Sandbrook 0.7 to get us ready for the new printed version of 0.8a’s arrival in the post – currently residing somewhere in Russia lol. We learnt that fun is good and there should be more of it.

See you all later!

Due for testing…
SS Sandbrook v.0.8a: Have ordered professionally printed version, due to arrive around the 20th, which is the day the club closes for Summer (of course!)

Snollygoster, by Mr.Lovens. printed, awaiting playtest.

Human Hunting; by Iceaxe games, printed, awaiting playtest.

Want our games as soon as they are released? Want to play this and other games right now? Want to help our tabletop club stay open and provide free educational and mental health games to local schools?  Check out our Patreon page! It makes a massive difference to our members!

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