Playtesting extra: Tatorship

Today we had a go playing a guest game in development: Tatorship by MakerofGames

Tatorship rules

Checking the rules

Once we had worked out the rules we dug straight into a 3 player game – Russia, China and America in the runnings!

Trump taking their turn

Frantic action by Trump

Russia gets a good deal of force to play with, and America gets cash. 

Putin on the Ritz - game in play

Putin on the Ritz

Putin working toward government…

Putin is looking very sparkly

Running out of beads stolen from Cthulu Dice

Following this World War Potato broke out – leaving Putin the winner with 42 force to 38. A third player ended with 20 and was knocked out of the war quickly.

With a clear winner with 8 Tatorpoints we called it a day. 

It was a fun game with a good theme however:

  • We couldn’t quite work out from the rules what the real difference between force, potatoes(?) And money was. We just ended up swapping them for influence.
  • We couldn’t quite work out what was needed for some of the parts such as getting into power
  • We didnt understand the rule on buying laws
  • The Edward snowden cards didn’t seem to have a place so we left them out.
  • We thought having actual counters rather than penciling numbers worked better and was more fun

Overall it was fun and led to some good stories, but would definitely take some of the “fluff” out.

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