Game Jam Challenge 1: Winner!

Game Jams are a way of coming up with new games with a set theme or mechanic. Each fortnight a new GameJam will be posted with my own ideas here. Sometimes I will also be reviewing others’ ideas.

This page will be updated as the idea progresses…

This week’s Game Jam: Music, 30 mins

Due: 26th July 2017

Initial idea:

Party game variant, with mechanics similar to games such as ‘snake oil’.

Players recieve a card each from the deck, initial deck will be a mini game of 18-24 cards.

Card backs have a place eg “disco”, “pirate ship”, “rollercoaster” etc.


Music needed for a haunted house – apply within!

Card fronts have types of music eg “rock”, “jazz”, “Irish jig”.


Ad jingles or wedding music? Difficult to argue this one!


Kpop or Gospel? For a haunted house?

Players each receive one card each. The starting player states that they need music for a “place”. Players then chose one option from the back of their card and must argue that their type of music is the best fit.

The starting player then choses a winner, who keeps the place card as a “point”. First player to get three place cards is the winner.


Check it out here!

Have a play on Table Top Simulator here!

Final Jam Result:

Winner! In the best possible way – by default! Huzzah! But really that’s a naff way to win lol


Game Jam Rules:

Jams will run for 2 weeks with a theme as the starting point.

Must be playable in either a Print and Play or an online medium (Tabletop Simulator, Roll 20, etc)

Must have some sort of rules sheet

Must follow the theme of the contest and time requirement

Must be submitted before the deadline

Winners will be determined by popular vote and will be given a special tag in the server until they are overthrown

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