Emotions public release!

Hi all, checking in before the weekly update to tell you some exciting news!

We’ve been working hard and have finally released Emotions 1.0 as our first release!

Download is available on the TES store (as its predominately an educational game) but we are also using Patreon and personal money to professionally print it for local students in our West London schools.


Cards are available in both 72 card game version or 52 card version which includes the game plus poker lettering (2-10,JQKA). Let us know if you need a professionally printed copy!


We’ve also been hard at work updating Village Life to 0.5 and beyond! 0.3D is available to all Patrons to download but the latest 0.5 version is available to $5 and higher Patrons for the next month as an early access bonus. Get involved with out new Instagram @harlegames or find us on Facebook for more information.

Village life cards online

Want to help provide educational resources to local schools and help run a tabletop club for students to design, create and play games as a daily activity? Join our patreon today!

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