Sunday update 20th August 2017

Hi all,

Welcome to the weekly update where we’ll be showing progress on our free to play games available from our Patreon page, our playtesting updates and any other exciting news!

Firstly for August we have released two games, downloadable here. August is family friendly month so check out our cute new games attached to the August post.
Emotions cars and book shown

We are looking forward to Social Deduction September and are looking at releasing a firm Playtesting favourite “Mystery on the SS Sandbrook” – a game that’s been in development for over 2 years and playtested over 200 times! Download it from the Patreon (for free!) In our September post coming soon.
Two cards shown for the doctor, injure and kill


With the club closed for the summer not much to say!


Interested in a physical copy if any of our upcoming board or card games? Let us know here. Thanks!

Good luck to all those recieving exam results this week!

We’re busy making new fun educational stuff too so check out our TES store too if you are a teacher!

Finally a massive thank you to Paul and everyone else helping us out by joining the Patreon by pledging a dollar or more! Every dollar we get each month helps to provide free resources and keep the tabletop club running as a space for kids to be safe and have fun. Keep up the good work!

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4 thoughts on “Sunday update 20th August 2017

  1. survtek says:

    Hello, would you like the opportunity to have your games in front of over 51,000 potential players this year, for FREE?

    I provide the board game & RPG lending library, schedule demo reps, and in most cases provide play-to-win board games for fourteen (14) conventions in southeastern USA with a total estimated attendance over 51,000 people. For most of these conventions I am responsible for providing all board game content. I also attend and organize many other community events, including: monthly board game nights; scheduled demo events; community events; fund raisers; events at local game stores & libraries; Extra-Life 24 hour charity gaming event; and more. Here is a list of the conventions that my lending library will be traveling to over the next year.

    Hubcon – Hattiesburg, MS – September 2017
    Louisiana Comic Con: Lafayette – September 2017
    CONtraflow – Kenner, LA – October 2017
    Gamer Fete – Biloxi, MS – October 2017
    Quest-Con – Mobile, AL – October 2017
    CoastCon Jr. – Biloxi, MS – November 2017
    NarbyCon – Gautier, MS – December 2017
    Pensacon Pensacola Comic Con – Pensacola, FL – February 2018
    CoastCon – Biloxi, MS – March 2018
    OG Con – Gulfport, MS – May 2018
    Southern Geek Fest – Hattiesburg, MS – May 2018
    Mobile Comic Con – Mobile, AL – May 2018
    Boys & Girls Club Con – Pass Christian, MS – July 2018
    HCLS ComicCon – Bay St. Louis, MS – July 2018

    The lending library has over 1,200 games in it and I am seeking additional games and game accessories to add to it. I also have an RPG section and an adult section of the library (only available to adult groups for after-hours programming and room parties). If you would like to send me copies of your games I would love to add them to the library free of charge. Since these games will be added to a traveling library and will be shifted around and handled by all sorts of people I would like to request that, if possible, you send games that you could not typically retail due to boxes damaged in shipping, dropped, scratched, etc. This way you are not sending a game that you could have sold and I am still getting to add the amazing titles to my library for players to enjoy.

    My shipping address is as follows:
    Steve Huckabee
    Gulf Coast Gaming Events, LLC
    10474 Steeplechase Drive
    Gulfport, MS 39503 USA

    Thank you very much for your time and consideration of this request. More information can be found at The complete lending library can be found at A list of the board games currently in the lending library can also be found at and RPG games found at


      • survtek says:

        Thank you for getting back with me. Do you have actual copies of the games too, or just PnP? Unfortunately PnP does not work well for a lending library.


      • No I get that totally. Not yet, were pretty new. We’re working on a board game though that were hoping to properly print out when it’s done but having a full time job means it’s realistically too expensive and time consuming to do fully. We do lots of smaller card games aswell, but again the printing costs are why we are currently print to play. That and it allows us to give our resources away for people to play at home which is pretty cool.

        All this supports a tabletop club for kids and to make educational resources for local schools so it’s a big job! 😀

        Thanks for getting in touch!


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