November Double Bill!

Our students are heavily into werewolf/mafia style games so weve been playing around with some ideas in the club.

This month we are releasing The Cult – a Sandbrook themed version of the classic Werewolf game and The Bunker – where dwindling supplies and frequent raids make surviving difficult in the wasteland. Currently being finished off and will be released later this month.

You can download the games, and all our games from our Patreon page (because it offers free hosting!) Here

Patrons see our early works in progress and more – were currently not charging Patrons either – so there’s never been a better time to sign up!

Want to support us, but dont want to sign up to Patreon? See our educational materials and ebooks here, or buy the club some snacks here.

Thanks for taking a look! All donations go towards helping make educational materials and run the games club for our students, so all help is very welcome!

As a thanks to all our loyal readers, heres a picture of a cat. My cat to be preciese!

Highness being cute

Our cute cat 😀

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