Sandbrook, A Novella Pt.1

This is an unsorted series of letters, journals and memoirs about the incident aboard the SS Sandbrook in 1842, posted as and when researchers uncover and confirm the reliability of said items.

Part 1:


Inquisitor Stoic, died age 56

Famed Inquisitor Stoic sadly passed away on duty on 14th August 1842 during the SS Sandbrook fire, aged 56 years. His funeral takes place at Armsworth Cemetry at 12 noon on Friday 29th August 1842.

Inquisitor Stoic rose quickly through the ranks of government via the police force. First as humble footman, investigator and then via the secret services to Inquisitor. His father was an investigator, his father’s father an investigator and before that, the famous bank robber ‘Stoic the Red’. He is the first in his house to rise into the ranks of the Royal House.

Inquisitor Stoic was strong willed and fast to act, a true beacon for us all. We all owe him a great deal of debt and wish him a safe and peaceful passing into the next life.

Donations if wished to the Royal House Legion.

Enquiries to B. Sergeant & Son, Armsworth.

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