Sandbrook, A Novella Pt.2

A series of letters, journals and memoirs about the incident aboard the SS Sandbrook


The Daily Royal -5p- 14th August 1842

Tragedy on board!


Catastrophe struck the trading ship SS Sandbrook today as plumes of smoke and fire billowed out from the engines. A catastrophic engine failure seems to have hit sometime in the early hours of the night.

Reports of foul play though have merged with a scrambled SOS giving reports of a robed person seen fleeing the engine room just before the explosion happened. This comes as another instalment of the hapless ship has also had reports of unusual activity both on and off ship including most recently reports of strange items being found in the cargo bays that later disappeared!

Old newspaper print showing large fire on a steamship

An awful day!

More on this as it comes! Our thoughts and wishes are to the relatives and friends of the victims of this horrible incident.

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