Sandbrook, A Novella Pt.3

A series of letters, journals and memoirs about the incident aboard the SS Sandbrook


The Daily Royal -5p- 05th August 1842

visit sandbrook 1Sandbrook town
A review by our travel critic – Reginald Johnson

Sandbrook is a relatively small Northern border town on the edge of the sea, frequently foggy and dank, the Town Council run the town with the aid of local nobility. Often the cause of much rumour and speculation, the Council seem to have been elderly for years, with nepotism and strange ritual rife within politics. The town itself is mostly insular with what few public houses exist being especially unfriendly to anyone but locals who carry a thick Northern farming accent.

There is an old church in the centre of the village which is mostly locked up and deserted, however the grounds are nice and usually well kept by the caretaker. Clearly religion has been lost on these poor souls who shuffle about town through the mist and fog.

Notable tourist spots:

The fish market: an assortment of unusual catch is on display, be sure to get there early!

The Harbour: when the, albeit few and far between, ships come into harbour through the morning fog it can be quite charming. There is a good hot drink and snack seller who serves the local fisherman fried squid and hot tea. He also keeps a flask of warm rum if you are in need of a pick me up for a modest fee.

The North Island: an uninhabited island just off the coast of the harbour. Good walking routes and some unusual and strange animals and birds to be found. You will need to charter one of the boats from the harbourmaster.

The museum: Sandbrook Museum has a wealth of strange and unusual items on display, many acquired from the Northern provinces. Many items of the occult, ancient items and strange weapons to be seen. Worth a visit, even if the curator is a little difficult.

Notable industries:

Farming, fishing and trading.

Worth a visit?
Pass on through Sandbrook to Jameston and beyond for far better day and night life, or take a ship to the Northern Kingdoms, if you must. It would probably be better to stay on the North Island than stay in the town itself overnight!

visit sandbrook 2


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