Sandbrook, A Novella Pt.6


A series of letters, journals and memoirs about the incident aboard the SS Sandbrook


The Daily Bugle, clipping, Date unknown

…The ‘Ghost ship’ sighted off the Northern Isle over the past few days has intrigued locals. Lighthouse keeper Paulis Norman commented that it had appeared on Thursday morning and sat eerily still ever since. No known rocky outcrops have been reported on an otherwise well travelled shipping route. The ship itself appears to be ghostly, with no visible sails and casting a dark shadow as the sun rises. Mr. Norman states the ship may have found itself in trouble and off course following a recent storm. Sailors are reminded to ensure ships are fully fitted with life boats in the event of an emergency on board – especially as we run into Autumn…

The Daily Bugle, clipping, Date unknown

… Captain found lashed to the wheel, his face distorted in a cry of anguish. Mrs. Gorth, who found the shipwreck early this morning had to be recovered from the scene after fainting. The local investigators have called in the experts, but cannot explain why so few are onboard except that they must have thrown themselves off deck to escape the raging fire. Below deck have been cordoned off to the public – but our sources have reported broken coffin like crates and signs of crazed scratch marks from some mad animal or animals. The Captain’s quarters are also jammed shut as if barricaded from the other side – a strange octopus logo marked in wax over the keyhole. More on this as the story unfolds!

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