Sandbrook, A Novella Pt.8

A series of letters, journals and memoirs about the incident aboard the SS Sandbrook


The High Inquisitor, Lord Bromley DSS. HIQ.

Sir, I write with response to your recent letter with confirmation. I believe the source of many of the recent troubles to have come from the North and I am reliable informed by a trusted contact that part of the recent chaos stems not directly from the Western War, but rather from a recently influential group with Northern connections. Reports of anti religious activity have also been noted emanating from the region. These anti religious sentiments need to be routed out and destroyed with all due haste before they destabilise the kingdom.

I make haste to Northbrook, Sandbrook and the Northern Kingdoms via Shepherd’s Corner upon which I will make a full report.

In the name of the empire,

Inquisitor Stoic

Inquisitor manual fragments

This manual appears to be some compendium for Inquisitors – obviously never meant to leave the High Halls. A lot of it is burnt as if lit up and thrown in a bin, few pages survive except for information on interrogation and religious captives ~ Incident Researcher 1385

On interrogation techniques

Once the suspect has been placed into custody, interrogation techniques should be used to gather information as swiftly as possible. The reasons for this are twofold.

1. To ensure death does not deprive the empire of timely valuable knowledge leading to arrest.

2. To prevent the possibility of escape or early death by the captive.

The remainder of this page is burnt

Chapter 13: Treatment of alternative religions and religious cults

Religious preachers, prophets and others deemed lost or treasonous should be treated with immediate removal of the tongue. This prevents blasphemy from becoming passed to observers. Ideally this should take place immediately upon capture and transferral.

Interrogation and death should not take place in front of crowds due to possibility of cultic influence leading to rescue or conversion.

All evidence of cultic or blasphemous activity must be reported immediately to the High Inquisitor.

Interrogation technique for suspected cultic members:

  1. Removal of tongue
  2. Removal of all clothing including jewelry
  3. Covering of all cultic symbols, including tattoos, henna, marks and scar tissue
  4. Presentation of pen and paper for confession. Note: If any unusual script, icons or symbols are presented – immediately burn paper and remove hand of traitor. This will associate the drawing of illegal material with pain and discourage repeat actions. If performing confession with Junior Inquisitor present, end immediately and proceed to Soul Cleansing.
  5. Gain confession by use of The Techniques.
  6. Disposal

The remainder of this page is burnt

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