My name is Simon Palmer, a game designer and teacher based in London, UK. I enjoy creating new and engaging social games for my regular tabletop club that helps disadvantaged students engage creatively in a safe, social environment.

As well as the tabletop club, I also design and make learning tools, which I provide to schools for free to help students overcome a range of issues such as literacy and mental health, or just for simple, safe fun. In this results driven world, I feel this is an important missing factor in today’s education system.

We have a Patreon that gives away free print and play games to help overcome some of the costs involved in making tabletop games for our club. If you are interested, please do take a look! Patrons receive early access to our games currently being play-tested, take part in competitions to get professionally printed versions  and get to know they are helping others by keeping the resources free for students.

Fancy a chat? We also have a discord channel!

Hope to see you there!