Mood Journals!

Coming out slowly to Amazon, click the links below to take a look!

One of the things we have been working on to help bring more Mental Health awareness and self-help stuff into our local schools.

We have created a black and white cheaper version. It will be £7.50 for the coloured copies (or £5.63 on Lulu) and £5.99 for the black and white one.

Check them out!

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.
Amazon Link

My Mood Journal, Autumn Colours (6 Months)

By Simon Palmer, Harle Games

Alternatively you can also order directly from Blurb below!

My Mood Journal, Sakura BW (6 Months, Blurb Edition)

By Simon Palmer, Harle Games

Interested in a copy? Get $15 off here

So we made a colouring book….

Hi all!

To celebrate the release of our newest educational game “Emotions’ weve also made a colouring book and magazine – go check it out! The book contains literacy tasks for children and the magazine is just for colouring in!
Edit: We’re working to get this out to more places soon so hopefully you’ll soon see it popping up in Amazon 👌👌

Emotions Colouring and Literacy Book

By Simon Palmer

Emotions Colouring Magazine

By Simon Palmer