State of the game – Cat Academy Battle!

Cat academy battle, cute kids game

In Cat Academy Battle, players fight to get the best scoring cats for their team – Friendly or Ferocious

Cat Academy Battle! Is a 2-4 player card game where players have to collect the best possible 5 cards, mixing Cat cards with adjectives to score points for their team. In Battle mode players also compete to win “Friendly” or “Ferocious” points and make sure they don’t accidentally give points away to the other team.

Players either pick up one card to add to their collection, or pass one card to another player each turn, keeping turns quick and rounds about 5 minutes per game. Play ends when every player has at least 5 cards, with players not being able to have more than 7 cards in their hands.

Playees play either Cat cards or adjective cards, scorimg points for each.

Scoring is done at the end of each game, with adjective cards being attached to cat cards up to a maximum of 2 adjective cards per cat. For example Tiddles (1 point) is attached to “unsubtle” and “acrobatic”, 3 points each, scoring a total of 7 points over 3 cards.

Playtesting has gone relatively well so far, with players enjoying the game, however we have found the scoring system to get complicated if too many games are played. Players picked up the rules pretty quickly however and found the idea to be good. Playtesting so far has focused on players from 6-14 years old die to the nature of the games theme.

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