Getting ready for November releases!

The bumker cards

November is coming up and were looking to release two Mafia/Werewolf style games based on a converting cult and a post apocalyptic bunker being raided by mutants and raiders. The bunker version (pictured) is being finalised now and includes a few twists on the classic genre.

Keep an eye out for its release in November or take a look at an early version now on Patreon!

You can also check out SS Sandbrook for free as a print and play here with a similar theme.

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Sandbrook Werewolf game?


Working on a quick new game ready for the end of the month as an extra if possible! This one takes the characters of SS Sandbrook and makes it into a quick mafia/werewolf game. The kids at the club are getting into playing werewolf recently so thought I would make a version between SS Sandbrook and Werewolf! Coming Soon – or take a look at an early version now on Patreon!

You can also check out SS Sandbrook for free as a print and play here

Want to help buy dont want to sign up to anything? Check out our ebooks and educational materials on TES or check out the link below. All money goes towards making printing educational materials for our school in West London.

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Our little ‘Cult’ of Sandbrook Pt. 2

Part 2: Latest News: Danger on Board!
Part 1

SS Sandbrook sinking in flames

Terror on Board!

News has come in about trouble aboard the SS Sanbrook. Telecomunications sent from the Captain during the night indicate foul play. Apparantly members of the crew were awoken suddenly when an explosion rocked the ship in the night. On investigating the engine rooms our famed Mystic Madame Fazir saw a robed person leaving the scene. A statement fron Sandbrook Shipping indicates that a royal inquisitor is on board and may be the target of the attack. Negociations between the Sandbrook Cult and the Inquisition came to an explosive end last month following the assasination of Head Inquisitor Lord Broderic and this could be linked.

Want to find out what really happened aboard? Mystery on the SS Sandbrook is our free to print and play card game for September. You can find it here from the first of September.

Heist at Sandbrook Museum!


The only released picture on record of the person known only as “The Mastermind”

A heist at Sandbrook Museum took place on Monday, with thieves taking several valuble treasures, including an ancient book supposed to be over 3000 years old! According to the local investigation team the task was well planned and has lead to the arrest and investigation of 2 suspects, one of which has been released without charge. According to our sources, the person known only as ‘The Mastermind’ left his calling card of a bloodied severed hand at the museum and a message to the investigation team stating simply “He lives”. Very strange!

Sandbrook Heist! is a free print and play card game currently in development for a late 2017, early 2018 release.

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Our little ‘Cult’ of Sandbrook Pt. 1

Part 1: Our Village

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Sandbrook is a small isolated village in the middle counties, surrounded by beautiful mountains and forests, with a bustling and tight-nit farming community.

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Dont let the dodgy weather put you off! Visit today – you’ll never leave!

The Elders
Protecting our society and the interfaith mission.


Visit the glorious temple today!

The elders work seemlessly alongside the Village council to bring hope and joy to the people of Sandbrook. The Leader works tirelessly alongside our more devote members to ensure that the community is well cared for through work integration and volunteer programs such as our bustling Camp facility that provides so much to the wider community.


Stay tuned for more information and news coming soon!

Sandbrook Village is an upcoming board game releasing in 2018. Will it end in the hands of a cult when you play? Find out soon.

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Expansions? Village Life grows larger…

Those if you who have been following this blog will know that I have been working on a game called Village Life, currently in version 0.4D. Its a board game where players explore 24 unknown tiles, then build up an economy placing industry buildings like farms and blacksmiths and finally work their way into politics to become the local lord. More info and an overview here.

As I idly wait for the first proper printed prototype from China – currently somewhere in the middle of deepest Russia – I have been thinking of different expansions that can be made and am quite excited by two ideas. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

1. The Island

Picture of an octopus for

Players receive a new deck of 24 exploration cards and a few new buildings. The tiles have an outline of an island on the back and a broken bridge that connects it to the mainland.

On the tile faces there are new places to explore once the connecting bridge has been repaired. These include:

Lake: allows Fishery: +1 food for every 2 farms owned

Tiki tower: allows you to travel to any unknown space 

Beach: allows Beach Hut – 1 income per turn

Jungle – allows Forester, but player is delayed for one turn (cannot explore)

Mineral rich sands – allows Mine

Broken Bridge – connects to mainland when upgraded

Tribe – can’t be built on but something special happens when you land? 

Volcano: exploration quest linked to the Tribe.

2: The Cult

Picture of an eye in a triangle - of course!

Of course theres an eye in a triangle involved…

That’s right! The cult is coming to your town! Don’t delay – join today!


The cult introduces a new building – the Dark Temple. The player that builds it becomes the head cultist and spreads dark influence across the town in place of Honour.

Once the majority of a player’s buildings have been caught in this influence, they join the cult and help to spread the dark influence across the town.

Join us

If the majority of players turn to the cult, or the head of the Council is a cultist, the town council changes to a new Cult board, replacing the Council and having different powers.

Players can use the Keep buildings to protect their buildings from influence. These now spreading Council Influence instead.

Have you joined us yet?

Mechanically, cult players receive Influence instead of Honour. 

Have alternative to honor which is power gained by spreading cult and gaining power in the cult leadership. – black tokens used as honor but also placed on buildings. 

Free influence with every sign up!

Of course neither of these will be done before the base game is ready, and both will need a lot of testing first – but hope these give you some inspiration for your own games!

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One of us one of us

SS Sandbrook 0.8 Release

Hi all,

Just a quick post to let you know that the Beta 0.8 of our upcoming card game SS Sandbrook is now on Patreon for download. Its a social deduction game about a cult trying to get rid of an inquisitor on an old steamship, with a steampunk/lovecraftian theme. Check it out here!

Have fun!