Ideas Bank – Monday 12th June

Here’s some new game ideas to start your week off creatively!

Just a couple this week I’m afraid!

How about…?

Heros of Might and magic – as a board game?

Heroes of might and magic castle view

Castles, heroes and fighting? Nuff said

Political parties mini game – where players have to try to run for election whilst also pushing through their sensible or insane policies. Players could receive a set of policies they have to promote and the best one is voted in each round. The player with the most policies voted in at the end is the winner 👍

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The weekly schedule

Here’s the weekly plan for this blog:
Monday: Ideas bank; new ideas, or variations to current ideas.

Wednesday: Featured blog of the week; a blog I’ve been following will be featured each week.

Thursday: Playtesting roundup; showing what we’ve been playtesting this week in the club

Sunday: The Weekly Roundup; showing whats available to download, but when available and the progress made on our games during the week.

Let me know your comments, suggestions and questions in the comments below!

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