Getting ready for November releases!

The bumker cards

November is coming up and were looking to release two Mafia/Werewolf style games based on a converting cult and a post apocalyptic bunker being raided by mutants and raiders. The bunker version (pictured) is being finalised now and includes a few twists on the classic genre.

Keep an eye out for its release in November or take a look at an early version now on Patreon!

You can also check out SS Sandbrook for free as a print and play here with a similar theme.

Want to help buy dont want to sign up to anything? Check out our ebooks and educational materials on TES or check out the link below. All money goes towards making printing educational materials for our school in West London.

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Sandbrook Werewolf game?


Working on a quick new game ready for the end of the month as an extra if possible! This one takes the characters of SS Sandbrook and makes it into a quick mafia/werewolf game. The kids at the club are getting into playing werewolf recently so thought I would make a version between SS Sandbrook and Werewolf! Coming Soon – or take a look at an early version now on Patreon!

You can also check out SS Sandbrook for free as a print and play here

Want to help buy dont want to sign up to anything? Check out our ebooks and educational materials on TES or check out the link below. All money goes towards making printing educational materials for our school in West London.

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October Release

wp-image-638129599Thank you for all your ongoing support this month!! Its been incredibly busy start to the new academic year, but with your help we are able to continue making new educational materials including a Mood Journal for our students, especially those with mental health issues. We are also playtesting a huge number of games every day to get them ready for you to download.

You will find your free monthly release download on the Patreon page

This month’s release:

Strazenhorn Museum Collection – A fun auction game for up to 6 players. Take the role of art collector and auctioneer in a quick little game. You will need coins or paper to track money. Make sets of Japanese artwork for the Museum to win- but be careful, sneaky players may try and outbid you. Keep an eye on your funds!

We are also looking to update this with a new game style in the near future when it has been fully tested. Keep tuned!

Other resources;  Published/Ebooks:

Mood Journals available to download as an ebook or purchase in book form at the below links:

TES Ebook
Amazon Link
Lulu Link
Blurb Link

Emotions colouring books to support the release of Emotions Card game from last month:
Literacy book Link
Colouring Book Link
You can also find them on Amazon.

Thank you to all our supporters on Patreon, TES, Instagram and WordPress – with your support we are able to keep our tabletop club open and create educational and support materials for our students.

Where does the money go?
Income from Patreon and our online shops goes directly into keeping the tabletop club running for students that would otherwise have nowhere else to go at lunchtimes and after school. It also goes into printing and making resources for our students to play, as well as materials for mental health and education in local schools.

Specifically so far we have:
Professionally Printed Emotions colouring and literacy books as well as a number of mood journals for our partner schools and students with mental health issues.
Professionally printed Emotions playing cards for SEN and EAL students in our partner schools
– Created and provided free educational games and materials to our local school.
Created and made available multiple print and play games and a number of smaller scale games all for free to the public.
Supported between 15 and 25 students every lunchtime and after school most days for the past school year with a safe, supportative and fun place to go.

Want to help buy dont want to sign up to anything? Check out our ebooks and educational materials on TES or check out the link below.

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Sunday update 20th August 2017

Hi all,

Welcome to the weekly update where we’ll be showing progress on our free to play games available from our Patreon page, our playtesting updates and any other exciting news!

Firstly for August we have released two games, downloadable here. August is family friendly month so check out our cute new games attached to the August post.
Emotions cars and book shown

We are looking forward to Social Deduction September and are looking at releasing a firm Playtesting favourite “Mystery on the SS Sandbrook” – a game that’s been in development for over 2 years and playtested over 200 times! Download it from the Patreon (for free!) In our September post coming soon.
Two cards shown for the doctor, injure and kill


With the club closed for the summer not much to say!


Interested in a physical copy if any of our upcoming board or card games? Let us know here. Thanks!

Good luck to all those recieving exam results this week!

We’re busy making new fun educational stuff too so check out our TES store too if you are a teacher!

Finally a massive thank you to Paul and everyone else helping us out by joining the Patreon by pledging a dollar or more! Every dollar we get each month helps to provide free resources and keep the tabletop club running as a space for kids to be safe and have fun. Keep up the good work!

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Mystery on the SS Sandbrook

Sneak peak at some of the characters in the upcoming free print to play game SS Sandbrook. A social deduction game currently in final editing ready for an Autumn release! Get this and others from our website!

An easy win for the cultists… Play three damage ship cards and you too can join Cthulu!

The doctor should really stick to his oath of healing…

Sunday Progress Update: 5th August 2017

Hi all! Here’s our roundup of this week’s progress, playtesting, what’s available and what’s coming soon. Stay tuned!

On Monday there will be a special update with free print and play downloads and further updates to our Patreon

What have we been doing this week?

Emotions version 1.0 card game, colouring and literacy books release.

Emotions has been released, a quick matching game for all ages with vocabulary descriptions and cute artwork. See here.

Emotions is available for download for all Patreon Subscribers or from the TES store. If you get it from the TES store you also get the eBook of the colouring book free!

Emotions Colouring book – Click here!

Update: Now available on Amazon! Check it out here!

Patreon changes to early access

We’re moving to a free print and play model as a company. More details to come soon but you’ll soon be seeing monthly completed downloadable games here on the site! Get your printers ready!

Please do consider signing up for even just $1 a month helps keep the tabletop club running as much as possible, especially during the autumn and winter months!

With the release of Emotions it makes sense to make some changes to our Patreon model. We’ve changed from a ‘pay at the end’ model to monthly. In practice this means I can budget any income for the club each month alongside any paid resources from the TES store into improving the club for our students as well as printing copies of our educational / mental health resources for local schools. Its not much at the moment but it all helps keep it running! Please do consider joining us on our quest here and get early access and discounts on our games, resources etc.

Instagram and Facebook initialisation

We have revently opened a page on facebook and an Instagram. Check us out and follow us for the latest information and updates!

Game Jam entry for next week:

Working on a silly adult game about sinners trying to get forgiveness from the Cardinal. Will be available to all when complete! Will you be forgiven or damned?

wp-image-1201112723I don’t think he’d like that!


wp-image-2061671481Tea and board games with the family

End of Summer Term! Playtesting on hold in the club until September. Though we did sneak in a couple of rounds of Village Life at home!

What’s available to download or order now?

Free for Anyone

Tabletop Simulator

Graveyard Jazz 1.0 – see here! (Also P&P)

Village life 0.5 on TTS – see here!

(Want to check out the original inspiration? The Regent: Check it out here!)

Cat Academy Battle! – Original version – see here!

Print and Play

Graveyard Jazz 1.0 – Details and download available for free here!

Let’s Photograph 1.0: Photography ideas cards – see here!

Pocket Munch 1.1: Silly quick and simple card game – see here!

Free to all Patrons (see changes above)

Cat Academy Micro Battle: a wallet game version of Cat Academy, see below.

The Lowest Bidder: a simple wallet card game where player’s compete to sell their products.

Emotions 1.0: see above!

Village Life 0.5 Print and play

$5+ Early Access for August: 

SS Sandbrook latest pre 1.0 version print and play

Sandbrook Heist Alpha

Cat Academy Beta

Sins of Satan Beta

Current progress of all games not mentioned above


Village Life 0.5: Explore, Expand, Elect. 

wp-image-962748501 Latest printed version. New version in the post!

How to play here!

Sins of Satan / Demon Controller: Beta 0.8b.

A social deduction game in the likes of Avalon, Secret Hitler, Warewolf etc. Players try to play either sins or virtues, with corresponding effects for each. There are more virtuous players than demons, and more virtue cards in the pack, but players need to work together if they are going to prevent the demons from winning and taking control.

There is also a new quick paced tile collection game in the works in the same theme. 


0.8 available to download to Patrons!


Demon Controller with the new artwork

SS Sandbrook 0.8a

A social deduction card game for 3- 9 players. More info here and here.

Sandbrook Heist! 0.4b

A quick social deduction card game. 0.4 updates and standardises the characters, makes the cat burglar more effective and introduces a final character “Herr Doctor”, a kind of evil doctor that can both harm and help the Mastermind.

Cat Academy Battle 0.7: a fun, fast mix and match game about getting the best Cat you can. Players match adjectives to their Cat cards to earn the most points they can in a round. In Battle! Mode, players also fight for their team – friendly or ferocious.

Other inventions!

Evolve! Pre-alpha stage.

Tranquility Station: More info here. Pre-alpha stage. Old TTS link.

A note on game versions, alphas, betas etc.

Alpha means it is in a playable state, but either untested or needs a lot of work.

Beta means it is playable and has been well playtested, but requires some additional work or finishing off.

Version number: How close we are to completing the game overall.
0.0 – 0.4: Game is in early stages.
0.4 – 0.7: Game has been well Playtesting but requires work.
0.8 – 0.9: Game is in the final stages of completion, usually lacking final editing, artwork etc.
1.0: Game is completed and released. “Free for all” games will have a blog entry with download. Others will be available to download through Patreon as completed.

Comments and suggestions? Want to see something not shown? Got an idea for a game you want making? Let us know in the comments below!