October Release

wp-image-638129599Thank you for all your ongoing support this month!! Its been incredibly busy start to the new academic year, but with your help we are able to continue making new educational materials including a Mood Journal for our students, especially those with mental health issues. We are also playtesting a huge number of games every day to get them ready for you to download.

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This month’s release:

Strazenhorn Museum Collection – A fun auction game for up to 6 players. Take the role of art collector and auctioneer in a quick little game. You will need coins or paper to track money. Make sets of Japanese artwork for the Museum to win- but be careful, sneaky players may try and outbid you. Keep an eye on your funds!

We are also looking to update this with a new game style in the near future when it has been fully tested. Keep tuned!

Other resources;Β  Published/Ebooks:

Mood Journals available to download as an ebook or purchase in book form at the below links:

TES Ebook
Amazon Link
Lulu Link
Blurb Link

Emotions colouring books to support the release of Emotions Card game from last month:
Literacy book Link
Colouring Book Link
You can also find them on Amazon.

Thank you to all our supporters on Patreon, TES, Instagram and WordPress – with your support we are able to keep our tabletop club open and create educational and support materials for our students.

Where does the money go?
Income from Patreon and our online shops goes directly into keeping the tabletop club running for students that would otherwise have nowhere else to go at lunchtimes and after school. It also goes into printing and making resources for our students to play, as well as materials for mental health and education in local schools.

Specifically so far we have:
Professionally Printed Emotions colouring and literacy books as well as a number of mood journals for our partner schools and students with mental health issues.
Professionally printed Emotions playing cards for SEN and EAL students in our partner schools
– Created and provided free educational games and materials to our local school.
Created and made available multiple print and play games and a number of smaller scale games all for free to the public.
Supported between 15 and 25 students every lunchtime and after school most days for the past school year with a safe, supportative and fun place to go.

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Village Life Stories

Here’s some stories that came out of oir village life playthroughs!

The Wheat Queen Vithusha’s Confidence

She was new to the land, new amongst others who knew the ways of Village Life. She explored and built. Wheat fields, farms, estates. Whilst others ventured deep into the mountains and forests, she grew. She was good at it too; a couple of bushels turned into a steady, strong income and before you knew it she had cornered the market. You wanted food – you went to her. Fame and power came quickly – riding up the ranks to nobility, and with it – honour. Everyone wanted to take her place, but she held the basic need that everyone wanted; food. With it she would take on the world.

Suddenly fire! Alarms rang out, all was lost. She would have to try her luck another day. (Fire alarm rang ending the game!)

Wilbert’s Revenge

Wilbert complained. He complained a lot. He wasn’t a popular town guard. Never arrested anyone, just collected the paycheck. He preferred to spend his time amongst the smithies and mills he had built up. He didn’t need the extra money and fame that came with better positions. This made him resented by the others, but it also made him rich. Whilst they were squabbling away he made and stored his goods until the time was right. 

An exchange took place – all the goods sold. Money exchanged and given to the townspeople. They hadn’t seen it but in one quick move the game was won. Wilbert finally had his honour.

Orla the Noble

She was the first to build the city, spending all she had on upgrading it’s buildings. She rose up the ranks to be its first Noble woman and held it with an iron fist. Want to be my underling? Pay me first! Pay me second! Pay me taxes every day! She may have had honour, but it wouldn’t protect her for long. Others were biding their time, building their economy. Eventually they would take her position, but would it be too late? 

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Complex or simple economy?

Just a quick poll – do you think a simple or complex economy in a board game is better and what are the pros and cons of each?

Also which do you think young teenagers would prefer? What do you think is needed to keep teenagers entertained in a board game, that might be different from adults?

Let us know!

Challenge: Day 30/30

Day 30 of the 30 days, 30 ideas challenge where I create 30 ideas for games over the next 30 days. See other days here.

Final day! Lots of 30’s in that sentence!!

Desert Island Escape

Game type: board game, 1-4 players, any age

Length: 60 mins


Players start washed up on an beach on a desert island surrounded by “unknown” tiles. Players must race to survive the island by exploring the tiles and collecting the resources found there.

Different situations are triggered each day (end of players movement) so they have to make sure they are back at camp etc. 

The tiles are turned over as they explore the island and in doing so players can harvest the resources there such as wood, food etc.

Players can win in three different ways; fix the radio, make an SOS and survive until rescued or complete a raft and escape.

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Desert island, explore and conquer!

Not much room to explore on this island! Must be in hard mode…

Sounds Hilarious!

From the ashes of a design low-point, rises the most outrageous new design for our first tank character: Chef the Polynesian Ocean Warrior. I don’t know how game designers work on their own – having one person you can trust to tell you when something sucks streamlines the iterative process so much. And then sometimes, […]

via Design Diary 5/6/2017 – Ocean Man β€” FusionHaa