State of the game – The Regent

The Regent is a game loosely inspired by the politics of medieval Europe, especially as shown in the ‘Guild’ series of games which I enjoyed growing up. The politics part has players voting their friends into different council offices, with largest cities having a Regent as the local ruler. The economic part of the game is more similar to ‘Splendour’, but with a much simpler chain of production.

The Regent takes this idea to create a board game with the same idea, supporting anything from 4 to 12 players in a bid to become – and stay, Regent. Players earn income and abilities not only for their own profession, but also from their council office – voted in by other players – or if lucky enough, automatic if no one is available to vote in or out (either because the position above them is unfilled, has been voted out, or even thrown in prison).

Play continues each round until one player has 50 coins.

The regent game board where players try to become the regent

The 8-12 player board allows for 12 different offices to be in play, leading to a wide variety of diplomatic engagements and medieval ‘office politics’. The dungeon can sometimes get quite full if the Magistrate gets heavy-handed.

Landlord game piece

Players pick from one of 4 professions, each with different bonuses and faults

Professions list including, landlord, patron, philosopher and rogue

Some professions are naturally suited to different jobs – the Rogue for example makes for a far better Dungeon Master – but not such a likely Bishop.

Voting is done to allow people to become certain jobs… Or not

Offices allow for different roles to be played, including arresting other players

The economy runs by players using their cards to buy buildings. A second way to win

A quicker and more concise version of the game involves using only the politics or economics parts of the game.


A slightly outdated version of the game can be found on TableTop Simulator at the following link.

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