Game Jam Challenge 1: Winner!

Game Jams are a way of coming up with new games with a set theme or mechanic. Each fortnight a new GameJam will be posted with my own ideas here. Sometimes I will also be reviewing others’ ideas.

This page will be updated as the idea progresses…

This week’s Game Jam: Music, 30 mins

Due: 26th July 2017

Initial idea:

Party game variant, with mechanics similar to games such as ‘snake oil’.

Players recieve a card each from the deck, initial deck will be a mini game of 18-24 cards.

Card backs have a place eg “disco”, “pirate ship”, “rollercoaster” etc.


Music needed for a haunted house – apply within!

Card fronts have types of music eg “rock”, “jazz”, “Irish jig”.


Ad jingles or wedding music? Difficult to argue this one!


Kpop or Gospel? For a haunted house?

Players each receive one card each. The starting player states that they need music for a “place”. Players then chose one option from the back of their card and must argue that their type of music is the best fit.

The starting player then choses a winner, who keeps the place card as a “point”. First player to get three place cards is the winner.


Check it out here!

Have a play on Table Top Simulator here!

Final Jam Result:

Winner! In the best possible way – by default! Huzzah! But really that’s a naff way to win lol


Game Jam Rules:

Jams will run for 2 weeks with a theme as the starting point.

Must be playable in either a Print and Play or an online medium (Tabletop Simulator, Roll 20, etc)

Must have some sort of rules sheet

Must follow the theme of the contest and time requirement

Must be submitted before the deadline

Winners will be determined by popular vote and will be given a special tag in the server until they are overthrown

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Ideas Bank – Monday 12th June

Here’s some new game ideas to start your week off creatively!

Just a couple this week I’m afraid!

How about…?

Heros of Might and magic – as a board game?

Heroes of might and magic castle view

Castles, heroes and fighting? Nuff said

Political parties mini game – where players have to try to run for election whilst also pushing through their sensible or insane policies. Players could receive a set of policies they have to promote and the best one is voted in each round. The player with the most policies voted in at the end is the winner 👍

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Challenge: Day 26/30

Day 26 of the 30 days, 30 ideas challenge where I create 30 ideas for games over the next 30 days. See other days here.

Detention disaster!

Game type: card game, 2-6 players

Length: 15 mins


Quick detention escaping game – one player is the teacher who has to look after a number of students trying to escape detention.

The student must work together to play cards that put the teacher to sleep or make them run away by doing pranks on them, with cards making pranks that can be linked together, such as making the teacher fall over onto a chair with a pin on it etc

Fun! (Except for the poor teacher!)M

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Free Cards: Photography Cards – free Print and Play

Hi all!

Heres something I made some years ago and thought I would make into a print and play for anyone who wants to use them.

Once printed you should choose one randomly each day to encourage you to take a different kind of photograph each day (or several if you like!).

Wildlife photography of a deer

The cards also have a set of five different areas / types to photograph such as creative , landscape etc shots, that you can use to help find a good shot.

Photography helper card

The card back also remind you what the icons mean at any time – so go and take some good photos!

Let us know how you get on! You can download them for free here: Photography cards

You can also see the cards below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All photos and design used in the cards are my own, no stock here!

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Challenge: Day 21/30

Day 21 of the 30 days, 30 ideas challenge where I create 30 ideas for games over the next 30 days. See other days here.

A Dictator’s Power

Game type: card game

Length: 30-60 mins


One dictator has to control political and military/security to stay in power

Other players represent other areas of the government under the power of the dictator. They play cards to gain influence, political power, control over the military etc.

Game ends when the dictator is ousted from power to install a new player as dictator, or manages to remain in power for a certain number of turns

Cards/players could include

Political cards

External influences eg UN


Media influence


There could also be situations that come up overtime to add a little randomness to the game.

Dictator cards - student fun and games

Classic student gaming!


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Challenge: Day 8/30

Day 8 of the 30 days, 30 ideas challenge where I create 30 ideas for games over the next 30 days. See other days here.


Game type: board or (maybe) card game

Length: 30-60 mins


Players either with cards or on a board (ideally) try to take over an area as a plant or animal species. Players evolve over time to get stronger or adapt to different regions with the strongest at the end of the game winning. 

Could have a legacy type board where players start as a plant species and then use the same placements to evolve as an animal species using the same board. (A third one could be carniverous animals?)

Alternatively players could be plants and animals together and have to work together to survive without killing each other off.

The tree of life, evolution picture

A game of life itself?

Examples could be first evolution as plants, trees and sea vegetation. Second as bird types and third as animals such as cats (who prey on the birds etc), so where people had placed their cards in the different rounds would affect the tactics needed in the next.

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This month between the 8th May to the 8th June I am going to try to come up with 30 new ideas for card or board games over a month. Hopefully some of them will later be good enough to later develop and playtest.

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Games that went nowhere – Bunker 13

Bunker 13 card game where players are stuck in a nuclear bunker/vaultBunker 13 was a card game idea where players have to survive for 30 rounds on limited food and resources in a nuclear bunker. After 30 rounds the fallout would have dissipated enough for players to successfully leave the vault and survive.

The problem was that players only begin with enough food to last ten turns (with 4 players) and less if there were more players.

Players had to contend not only with starvation, but also radiation and health problems, as well as a suspicious overabundance of weapons stored in the vault.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Players receive a random job at the beginning of the game and get their own deck, starting with 5 cards. Each of the decks are job specific but also with a set number of food and weapons cards shared equally, for example the chef may recieve 5 standard food cards as well as an extra 10 randomly shuffled into his deck as the chef.

Players then vote for who the bunker leader is, however as some players such as the security team have a better chance of drawing weapons, the vote is often either ‘persuaded’ to be a certain member, or fully taken over by the person with the largest weapons cache in hand. This then decides who sets the policies for the bunker.

Policies include limiting food and weapons to the crew or opening and closing the bunker doors.

The game was playtested a few times, and whilst it was quite fun in parts, it needs a lot of work to make it truly playable – it is too complicated and players who are killed at the beginning of the game then have to wait until the game ends, which could be 20-30 minutes. Removing players from games is usually a bad idea in lengthy card games, so an alternative is needed – such as making them an outside group of raiders or traders.

Overall: an interesting idea and one I would like to return to in a simpler format, but one that needs a lot of work to make fun.

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State of the game – The Regent

The Regent is a game loosely inspired by the politics of medieval Europe, especially as shown in the ‘Guild’ series of games which I enjoyed growing up. The politics part has players voting their friends into different council offices, with largest cities having a Regent as the local ruler. The economic part of the game is more similar to ‘Splendour’, but with a much simpler chain of production.

The Regent takes this idea to create a board game with the same idea, supporting anything from 4 to 12 players in a bid to become – and stay, Regent. Players earn income and abilities not only for their own profession, but also from their council office – voted in by other players – or if lucky enough, automatic if no one is available to vote in or out (either because the position above them is unfilled, has been voted out, or even thrown in prison).

Play continues each round until one player has 50 coins.

The regent game board where players try to become the regent

The 8-12 player board allows for 12 different offices to be in play, leading to a wide variety of diplomatic engagements and medieval ‘office politics’. The dungeon can sometimes get quite full if the Magistrate gets heavy-handed.

Landlord game piece

Players pick from one of 4 professions, each with different bonuses and faults

Professions list including, landlord, patron, philosopher and rogue

Some professions are naturally suited to different jobs – the Rogue for example makes for a far better Dungeon Master – but not such a likely Bishop.

Voting is done to allow people to become certain jobs… Or not

Offices allow for different roles to be played, including arresting other players

The economy runs by players using their cards to buy buildings. A second way to win

A quicker and more concise version of the game involves using only the politics or economics parts of the game.


A slightly outdated version of the game can be found on TableTop Simulator at the following link.

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Shelved ideas 2

I thought it might be interesting to make a list of game ideas I’ve shelved over the past year or so I’ve been designing as a hobby. 
Part 2:

Fast Food Inc.

A game similar on many ways to “Sushi Go” but with players building their own fast food themed restaurant, players collect from a group deck and have to build up a starter, main and dessert with extra points for whether the dish makes sense (same type of food) and if it fits their theme. Lack of good / inspiring pictures etc made me lose interest, but I often find myself coming back to it as a good idea.

The Regent

Playtested pretty successfully on Tabletop Simulator with some friends, and based heavily on the “guild” series of games, this get is in two parts – one part where you are trying to become the regent and a second part where you are trying to get as much money as possible. Political titles give you a turn by turn up front payment but also give you additional powers, like the ability to tax or imprison your opponent’s. The second part involves buying up buildings that create a production chain, giving you more money each turn. A fun game but one that has been sadly forgotten recently due to my focus on card only games.

The Regent – Lite

A card game of the above, but it wasn’t complicated enough so needs more work.

Murder in Sandbrook

A prequel to the Sandbrook theme games, evolved into Sandbrook Heist.


A cat based economy game. Evolved into Cat Academy. Which I need to get back to.


A card based game where players produce propaganda to fulfil a mission. I had fun making it but didn’t go anywhere.

Space Agents

Turned into Tranquility Station. A space station with one player as a traitor with a mission. Unfortunately the station is also unlucky and plagued by other problems. Players have to escape the station before the traitor completes his mission.


A card game of magic vs emerging technology to influence public opinion to create laws benefiting either side. The winning side is the one who passes 5 laws first. I never completed the cards, but thought an interesting idea in a steam punk world with magic.


A game of escaping teachers to truant class. Never went anywhere.

Unlikely Heros

A funny game where the townspeople must band together to kill a raging monster. Trouble is the townspeople consist of farmers, miners, blacksmiths etc. Players work together to create tools, weapons etc and fight the monster.