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Sandbrook, A Novella Pt.7

A series of letters, journals and memoirs about the incident aboard the SS Sandbrook


Letters between the Grey Guard and Sandbrook Council dated June 1842

June 17th 1842
To the esteemed Sandbrook Council,

The Council continues to poke its unwanted nose into the recent trade between our houses. We wish to remind you of article OB354A which refrains Councillors from investigating or reporting upon House business without prior approval. Further doing so would be inadvisable to avoid incident.

See to it we do not need to inform you twice lest you forget our recently departed Council member Brindley.

In His name, Our Dear Friend.

Grey Guard

June 18th 1842
Our Dear Friend.

From Councillor Von Hapsburg, Sandbrook Council.

A thousand apologies over the misunderstanding of our recent investigatory work involving the Harbour worker Frederick Samuel and Captain Walter Smithson. Our investigations have been following allegations of bribery and corruption amongst those working in the Harbour. I will see to it personally that this matter is forgotten.

May His light shine upon us all in time.

Undated hastily scrawled letter with redactions.


Faded redacted letter found under a destroyed building after the war, the redactions have faded over time due to water seepage.

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SS Sandbrook 0.8 Release

Hi all,

Just a quick post to let you know that the Beta 0.8 of our upcoming card game SS Sandbrook is now on Patreon for download. Its a social deduction game about a cult trying to get rid of an inquisitor on an old steamship, with a steampunk/lovecraftian theme. Check it out here!

Have fun!