Sunday update 20th August 2017

Hi all,

Welcome to the weekly update where we’ll be showing progress on our free to play games available from our Patreon page, our playtesting updates and any other exciting news!

Firstly for August we have released two games, downloadable here. August is family friendly month so check out our cute new games attached to the August post.
Emotions cars and book shown

We are looking forward to Social Deduction September and are looking at releasing a firm Playtesting favourite “Mystery on the SS Sandbrook” – a game that’s been in development for over 2 years and playtested over 200 times! Download it from the Patreon (for free!) In our September post coming soon.
Two cards shown for the doctor, injure and kill


With the club closed for the summer not much to say!


Interested in a physical copy if any of our upcoming board or card games? Let us know here. Thanks!

Good luck to all those recieving exam results this week!

We’re busy making new fun educational stuff too so check out our TES store too if you are a teacher!

Finally a massive thank you to Paul and everyone else helping us out by joining the Patreon by pledging a dollar or more! Every dollar we get each month helps to provide free resources and keep the tabletop club running as a space for kids to be safe and have fun. Keep up the good work!

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Mystery on the SS Sandbrook

Sneak peak at some of the characters in the upcoming free print to play game SS Sandbrook. A social deduction game currently in final editing ready for an Autumn release! Get this and others from our website!

An easy win for the cultists… Play three damage ship cards and you too can join Cthulu!

The doctor should really stick to his oath of healing…

August free ‘Print and Play’ details

Hi all – Here is your monthly update. Check back soon as we are completing Cat Academy as we speak so there will be at least two games released this month.
Check out the below for details on how to download:
August Download Post – Click Here
General Game / Company info -Click Here
August Print and Play Downloads:
Emotions 1.0 – All ages mix and match game with a cute theme and lots of replayability. Commisioned art. Check it out!
Check back for more updates soon as we are close to release on two games that have been in playtesting for over two years!
Game Jam:
Available Now: Graveyard Jazz; Music theme -a social mini game where players decide the best music to fit a place from whats available in their hand. (Game jam winner)
Available within 2 weeks: Cardinal’s Indulgences; fun social game about trying to get forgiveness for your terrible, terrible sins. Over 100 cards for replayability.

Other resources;


Emotions colouring books to support the release of Emotions Card game:
TableTopSim links:
A massive thanks to our Patrons; Chris, Howard, Andrew and Paul for supporting our ongoing work!!

Ideas Bank – Monday 12th June

Here’s some new game ideas to start your week off creatively!

Just a couple this week I’m afraid!

How about…?

Heros of Might and magic – as a board game?

Heroes of might and magic castle view

Castles, heroes and fighting? Nuff said

Political parties mini game – where players have to try to run for election whilst also pushing through their sensible or insane policies. Players could receive a set of policies they have to promote and the best one is voted in each round. The player with the most policies voted in at the end is the winner 👍

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Complex or simple economy?

Just a quick poll – do you think a simple or complex economy in a board game is better and what are the pros and cons of each?

Also which do you think young teenagers would prefer? What do you think is needed to keep teenagers entertained in a board game, that might be different from adults?

Let us know!

Wednesday Roundup: 7th June 2017

Playtesting this week :

SS Sandbrook V7 – Card game; Social deduction

The Village – Board game; Exploration, Economy and Politics, board game

SS Sandbrook

Playtesting SS Sandbrook card game

Playtesting SS Sandbrook in progress

Our little testers have been checking for any errors in version 7 before we finalise and go to print on v8 (the changelog can be found here). Play went well over the two sessions run and players managed to complete three games without needing to check instructions /rules etc which is looking positive. 

Village lifeVillage life version II in progressVillage life version II in progress

Testers teaching testers…?

Earlier this week we went hands off to have playtesters teaching new players. It started simply as a necessity and turned into a really good idea. With the exams still on, life is busy and so my attention was taken away from the board games towards real life.

Village III Prototype

On Wednesday we broke out prototype III, converting the board game into an open exploration game. This means players have to search out their locations first, incorporating an element of randomness which will need balancing. Feedback however feedback was positive and players preferred the open nature of the game to the static board. 

Gaming materials all boxed up and ready

Materials ready for play

Gameboard showing the different spaces and key partd

The basic gameboard put together

Most parts explored - players are building their economy

Game in progress with 4 players at (almost) the end of exploration and a good economy being built

The first playthrough went well with 4 players. Despite the “random bonus” cards, there were three runners for first place at the end of the game, with the fourth not too far behind. 

We decided the winner by how much it would cost to buy the resources/buildings outright.

Player 1:

3 honour (15), mixed resources (5), buildings (15). Total: 35 (Honour win)

Player 2:

0 honour (0), mixed resources (18), buildings (16). Total: 34

Player 3:

0 honour (0), mixed resources (12), buildings (12). Total: 24
Player 4:

0 honour (0), mixed resources (14), buildings (16). Total: 30
Honour is earned either by buying outright (“giving to the poor”) or by constructing certain buildings. Player 1 here got the honour by building the City building, upgrading the Village and opening the second part of the game. Unfortunately we didn’t have time for this aspect though on this 30 minute playthrough.


General – Exploration style better than standard map

Balancing needed with regards to random tile cards 

Balance needed with regards to supplies/later buildings. IE if mines are rare, but minerals are worth the same, why does getting a mine make a difference?

More next week! (Next week will be Thursday!)

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Just a quick aside to say that the latest update to Village Life is available for download to Early Adopter Patrons. Take a look and see if you are interested – otherwise you’ll have to wait until the full game is released!

The Village exploration prototype. Exploration, economy and politics hand in hand.

Playtesting update here

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Free games:New wallet games for all Patrons

Two new mini wallet sized games are now available for free to our Patrons! They are:

  1. Cat Academy Micro Battle! – a quick play point scoring card game to get the best cat by building the best cards that fit your character.
  2. The Lowest Bidder – a fast paced social game where players have to make their pitch using the cards they are dealt, with hilarious consequences

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