November Double Bill!

Our students are heavily into werewolf/mafia style games so weve been playing around with some ideas in the club.

This month we are releasing The Cult – a Sandbrook themed version of the classic Werewolf game and The Bunker – where dwindling supplies and frequent raids make surviving difficult in the wasteland. Currently being finished off and will be released later this month.

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As a thanks to all our loyal readers, heres a picture of a cat. My cat to be preciese!

Highness being cute

Our cute cat 😀

Sunday update 20th August 2017

Hi all,

Welcome to the weekly update where we’ll be showing progress on our free to play games available from our Patreon page, our playtesting updates and any other exciting news!

Firstly for August we have released two games, downloadable here. August is family friendly month so check out our cute new games attached to the August post.
Emotions cars and book shown

We are looking forward to Social Deduction September and are looking at releasing a firm Playtesting favourite “Mystery on the SS Sandbrook” – a game that’s been in development for over 2 years and playtested over 200 times! Download it from the Patreon (for free!) In our September post coming soon.
Two cards shown for the doctor, injure and kill


With the club closed for the summer not much to say!


Interested in a physical copy if any of our upcoming board or card games? Let us know here. Thanks!

Good luck to all those recieving exam results this week!

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August free ‘Print and Play’ details

Hi all – Here is your monthly update. Check back soon as we are completing Cat Academy as we speak so there will be at least two games released this month.
Check out the below for details on how to download:
August Download Post – Click Here
General Game / Company info -Click Here
August Print and Play Downloads:
Emotions 1.0 – All ages mix and match game with a cute theme and lots of replayability. Commisioned art. Check it out!
Check back for more updates soon as we are close to release on two games that have been in playtesting for over two years!
Game Jam:
Available Now: Graveyard Jazz; Music theme -a social mini game where players decide the best music to fit a place from whats available in their hand. (Game jam winner)
Available within 2 weeks: Cardinal’s Indulgences; fun social game about trying to get forgiveness for your terrible, terrible sins. Over 100 cards for replayability.

Other resources;


Emotions colouring books to support the release of Emotions Card game:
TableTopSim links:
A massive thanks to our Patrons; Chris, Howard, Andrew and Paul for supporting our ongoing work!!

Playtesting extra: Tatorship

Today we had a go playing a guest game in development: Tatorship by MakerofGames

Tatorship rules

Checking the rules

Once we had worked out the rules we dug straight into a 3 player game – Russia, China and America in the runnings!

Trump taking their turn

Frantic action by Trump

Russia gets a good deal of force to play with, and America gets cash. 

Putin on the Ritz - game in play

Putin on the Ritz

Putin working toward government…

Putin is looking very sparkly

Running out of beads stolen from Cthulu Dice

Following this World War Potato broke out – leaving Putin the winner with 42 force to 38. A third player ended with 20 and was knocked out of the war quickly.

With a clear winner with 8 Tatorpoints we called it a day. 

It was a fun game with a good theme however:

  • We couldn’t quite work out from the rules what the real difference between force, potatoes(?) And money was. We just ended up swapping them for influence.
  • We couldn’t quite work out what was needed for some of the parts such as getting into power
  • We didnt understand the rule on buying laws
  • The Edward snowden cards didn’t seem to have a place so we left them out.
  • We thought having actual counters rather than penciling numbers worked better and was more fun

Overall it was fun and led to some good stories, but would definitely take some of the “fluff” out.

Free Cards: Photography Cards – free Print and Play

Hi all!

Heres something I made some years ago and thought I would make into a print and play for anyone who wants to use them.

Once printed you should choose one randomly each day to encourage you to take a different kind of photograph each day (or several if you like!).

Wildlife photography of a deer

The cards also have a set of five different areas / types to photograph such as creative , landscape etc shots, that you can use to help find a good shot.

Photography helper card

The card back also remind you what the icons mean at any time – so go and take some good photos!

Let us know how you get on! You can download them for free here: Photography cards

You can also see the cards below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All photos and design used in the cards are my own, no stock here!

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