November Double Bill!

Our students are heavily into werewolf/mafia style games so weve been playing around with some ideas in the club.

This month we are releasing The Cult – a Sandbrook themed version of the classic Werewolf game and The Bunker – where dwindling supplies and frequent raids make surviving difficult in the wasteland. Currently being finished off and will be released later this month.

You can download the games, and all our games from our Patreon page (because it offers free hosting!) Here

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As a thanks to all our loyal readers, heres a picture of a cat. My cat to be preciese!

Highness being cute

Our cute cat 😀

October Release

wp-image-638129599Thank you for all your ongoing support this month!! Its been incredibly busy start to the new academic year, but with your help we are able to continue making new educational materials including a Mood Journal for our students, especially those with mental health issues. We are also playtesting a huge number of games every day to get them ready for you to download.

You will find your free monthly release download on the Patreon page

This month’s release:

Strazenhorn Museum Collection – A fun auction game for up to 6 players. Take the role of art collector and auctioneer in a quick little game. You will need coins or paper to track money. Make sets of Japanese artwork for the Museum to win- but be careful, sneaky players may try and outbid you. Keep an eye on your funds!

We are also looking to update this with a new game style in the near future when it has been fully tested. Keep tuned!

Other resources;  Published/Ebooks:

Mood Journals available to download as an ebook or purchase in book form at the below links:

TES Ebook
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Blurb Link

Emotions colouring books to support the release of Emotions Card game from last month:
Literacy book Link
Colouring Book Link
You can also find them on Amazon.

Thank you to all our supporters on Patreon, TES, Instagram and WordPress – with your support we are able to keep our tabletop club open and create educational and support materials for our students.

Where does the money go?
Income from Patreon and our online shops goes directly into keeping the tabletop club running for students that would otherwise have nowhere else to go at lunchtimes and after school. It also goes into printing and making resources for our students to play, as well as materials for mental health and education in local schools.

Specifically so far we have:
Professionally Printed Emotions colouring and literacy books as well as a number of mood journals for our partner schools and students with mental health issues.
Professionally printed Emotions playing cards for SEN and EAL students in our partner schools
– Created and provided free educational games and materials to our local school.
Created and made available multiple print and play games and a number of smaller scale games all for free to the public.
Supported between 15 and 25 students every lunchtime and after school most days for the past school year with a safe, supportative and fun place to go.

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Emotions public release!

Hi all, checking in before the weekly update to tell you some exciting news!

We’ve been working hard and have finally released Emotions 1.0 as our first release!

Download is available on the TES store (as its predominately an educational game) but we are also using Patreon and personal money to professionally print it for local students in our West London schools.


Cards are available in both 72 card game version or 52 card version which includes the game plus poker lettering (2-10,JQKA). Let us know if you need a professionally printed copy!


We’ve also been hard at work updating Village Life to 0.5 and beyond! 0.3D is available to all Patrons to download but the latest 0.5 version is available to $5 and higher Patrons for the next month as an early access bonus. Get involved with out new Instagram @harlegames or find us on Facebook for more information.

Village life cards online

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SS Sandbrook 0.8 Release

Hi all,

Just a quick post to let you know that the Beta 0.8 of our upcoming card game SS Sandbrook is now on Patreon for download. Its a social deduction game about a cult trying to get rid of an inquisitor on an old steamship, with a steampunk/lovecraftian theme. Check it out here!

Have fun!