Mood Journals!

Coming out slowly to Amazon, click the links below to take a look!

One of the things we have been working on to help bring more Mental Health awareness and self-help stuff into our local schools.

We have created a black and white cheaper version. It will be £7.50 for the coloured copies (or £5.63 on Lulu) and £5.99 for the black and white one.

Check them out!

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Amazon Link

My Mood Journal, Autumn Colours (6 Months)

By Simon Palmer, Harle Games

Alternatively you can also order directly from Blurb below!

My Mood Journal, Sakura BW (6 Months, Blurb Edition)

By Simon Palmer, Harle Games

Interested in a copy? Get $15 off here

Ideas Bank – Monday 19th June

Here’s some new game ideas to start your week off creatively!

How about…?

Anxiety cards

Similar to Emotions, but with practical advice for people suffering from anxiety etc on a range of cards.


Mix and match about matching different tropes to beat a problem/make a film etc. Eg shy girl + hair over one eye matches… But is it good in a horror film?

Village life exploration game but in Rome

Three Roman families explore across Italy to build coliseums, farms etc in an exploration/economy/senate game.

Want to help see our ideas become reality? Check out our page! It makes a massive difference to our club members!