Our little ‘Cult’ of Sandbrook Pt. 1

Part 1: Our Village

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Sandbrook is a small isolated village in the middle counties, surrounded by beautiful mountains and forests, with a bustling and tight-nit farming community.

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Dont let the dodgy weather put you off! Visit today – you’ll never leave!

The Elders
Protecting our society and the interfaith mission.


Visit the glorious temple today!

The elders work seemlessly alongside the Village council to bring hope and joy to the people of Sandbrook. The Leader works tirelessly alongside our more devote members to ensure that the community is well cared for through work integration and volunteer programs such as our bustling Camp facility that provides so much to the wider community.


Stay tuned for more information and news coming soon!

Sandbrook Village is an upcoming board game releasing in 2018. Will it end in the hands of a cult when you play? Find out soon.

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Village Life Stories

Here’s some stories that came out of oir village life playthroughs!

The Wheat Queen Vithusha’s Confidence

She was new to the land, new amongst others who knew the ways of Village Life. She explored and built. Wheat fields, farms, estates. Whilst others ventured deep into the mountains and forests, she grew. She was good at it too; a couple of bushels turned into a steady, strong income and before you knew it she had cornered the market. You wanted food – you went to her. Fame and power came quickly – riding up the ranks to nobility, and with it – honour. Everyone wanted to take her place, but she held the basic need that everyone wanted; food. With it she would take on the world.

Suddenly fire! Alarms rang out, all was lost. She would have to try her luck another day. (Fire alarm rang ending the game!)

Wilbert’s Revenge

Wilbert complained. He complained a lot. He wasn’t a popular town guard. Never arrested anyone, just collected the paycheck. He preferred to spend his time amongst the smithies and mills he had built up. He didn’t need the extra money and fame that came with better positions. This made him resented by the others, but it also made him rich. Whilst they were squabbling away he made and stored his goods until the time was right. 

An exchange took place – all the goods sold. Money exchanged and given to the townspeople. They hadn’t seen it but in one quick move the game was won. Wilbert finally had his honour.

Orla the Noble

She was the first to build the city, spending all she had on upgrading it’s buildings. She rose up the ranks to be its first Noble woman and held it with an iron fist. Want to be my underling? Pay me first! Pay me second! Pay me taxes every day! She may have had honour, but it wouldn’t protect her for long. Others were biding their time, building their economy. Eventually they would take her position, but would it be too late? 

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