October Release

wp-image-638129599Thank you for all your ongoing support this month!! Its been incredibly busy start to the new academic year, but with your help we are able to continue making new educational materials including a Mood Journal for our students, especially those with mental health issues. We are also playtesting a huge number of games every day to get them ready for you to download.

You will find your free monthly release download on the Patreon page

This month’s release:

Strazenhorn Museum Collection – A fun auction game for up to 6 players. Take the role of art collector and auctioneer in a quick little game. You will need coins or paper to track money. Make sets of Japanese artwork for the Museum to win- but be careful, sneaky players may try and outbid you. Keep an eye on your funds!

We are also looking to update this with a new game style in the near future when it has been fully tested. Keep tuned!

Other resources;  Published/Ebooks:

Mood Journals available to download as an ebook or purchase in book form at the below links:

TES Ebook
Amazon Link
Lulu Link
Blurb Link

Emotions colouring books to support the release of Emotions Card game from last month:
Literacy book Link
Colouring Book Link
You can also find them on Amazon.

Thank you to all our supporters on Patreon, TES, Instagram and WordPress – with your support we are able to keep our tabletop club open and create educational and support materials for our students.

Where does the money go?
Income from Patreon and our online shops goes directly into keeping the tabletop club running for students that would otherwise have nowhere else to go at lunchtimes and after school. It also goes into printing and making resources for our students to play, as well as materials for mental health and education in local schools.

Specifically so far we have:
Professionally Printed Emotions colouring and literacy books as well as a number of mood journals for our partner schools and students with mental health issues.
Professionally printed Emotions playing cards for SEN and EAL students in our partner schools
– Created and provided free educational games and materials to our local school.
Created and made available multiple print and play games and a number of smaller scale games all for free to the public.
Supported between 15 and 25 students every lunchtime and after school most days for the past school year with a safe, supportative and fun place to go.

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Sunday update 20th August 2017

Hi all,

Welcome to the weekly update where we’ll be showing progress on our free to play games available from our Patreon page, our playtesting updates and any other exciting news!

Firstly for August we have released two games, downloadable here. August is family friendly month so check out our cute new games attached to the August post.
Emotions cars and book shown

We are looking forward to Social Deduction September and are looking at releasing a firm Playtesting favourite “Mystery on the SS Sandbrook” – a game that’s been in development for over 2 years and playtested over 200 times! Download it from the Patreon (for free!) In our September post coming soon.
Two cards shown for the doctor, injure and kill


With the club closed for the summer not much to say!


Interested in a physical copy if any of our upcoming board or card games? Let us know here. Thanks!

Good luck to all those recieving exam results this week!

We’re busy making new fun educational stuff too so check out our TES store too if you are a teacher!

Finally a massive thank you to Paul and everyone else helping us out by joining the Patreon by pledging a dollar or more! Every dollar we get each month helps to provide free resources and keep the tabletop club running as a space for kids to be safe and have fun. Keep up the good work!

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Mystery on the SS Sandbrook

Sneak peak at some of the characters in the upcoming free print to play game SS Sandbrook. A social deduction game currently in final editing ready for an Autumn release! Get this and others from our website!

An easy win for the cultists… Play three damage ship cards and you too can join Cthulu!

The doctor should really stick to his oath of healing…

Playing: Village Life; Explore, Expand,Elect

How to play – Version 0.4


Cards are randomly laid out from the village centre outwards, with players exploring one connected piece each turn. 

Exploration map on the left – buildings on the right

Tiles showing unknown spaces and city centre

Latest version with proper tiles!

Players move one space from the village center each turn, and may build an appropriate building on their new land. Players start with 1 coin, so can only afford to build farms, foresters or mines.

Player turning over a forest card

A rare forest on the first turn – lucky! This player will build a forester, netting 1 wood every turn

Play then continues out with players exploring and building. 

Player 2 turning over a plains card

Plains cards are the basic card with no bonuses. Allowing early farms to be built

Player finds Iron

Mountains discovered – an easy way to get iron

Here players have been lucky – finding mountains and forest early. 

A little later, players still exploring but now building up their economy. On the right you can see the Council has also been started.

As players develop their economy and spaces for building runs out, players begin building more advanced economies, with upgraded farms (estates), and buildings that convert base materials into goods. Finally buildings such as the Keep will turn these goods into Honour, which is how you win the game.

In a short game the player with 15 Honour first is the winner.

Let have a look at some of the buildings:

A stack of cards for village life

Fresh from the post office

Estate card showing price and income

The Estate card is an upgrade from the farm, producing twice the food but at a cost to upgrade

Mill card showing price and conversion of food to goods

The mill costs 5 coin and 3 wood to build, but converts one of your food into goods every turn. Well worth the investment

Bakery card, an upgrade from the Mill

Fancy more goods? Got a booming economy? Upgrade to a Bakery and get 2 goods a turn!

Of course as some make legitimate profit, others make money in more illicit ways. Players can also invest in building up from a (not so) humble thieves den, to become robber barons with the Robbers Keep, which earns more money the more players that are in the game.


A more legitimate way of earning may be through the market. In longer games there becomes a demand for an easy way to swap between food wood and ore. Once upgraded the market building allows the controlling player to swap between goods – giving them control later in the game. 

Trading post gives you some early honor

The trading post might not be an amazing investment early in the game, but its upgrade will be later – and theres only one available

Market building allows trade betwen resources

Building the market costs quite an investment, but you no longer have to rely on anyone else trading with you, and you can use this to your advantage over others.

Similaly finding and building the temple building gives a little regular income, but once upgraded later becomes a powerful regular way to get honour, to finding the temple early can swing the game later on.

Wonder buikding showing 10 goods upfront but 2 honour every turn

10 good is an insane investment. But 2 honour a turn means winning is almost assured


Players may also upgrade the town centre into a City with a little investment. This allows players to get involved in their political ambitions, gaining a steady income of money and honour and gaining other benefits such as charging leasing fees on other players – or just throwing them in jail.

Board showiklng the town council positions and jail

Everyone wants to be the Noble

Town council positions

Players vote for each other to get council positions – so a little bribery and friendship early on can becone very useful later

If more than one player goes for the same position, a vote is called and the winner takes the position. If a position is already taken and the applying player is not voted in, they return to their old position. If an incumbent player is voted out however, they return to Citizen position. So it’s dangerous to be at the top without the correct bribes!

The game ends when a player has 15 Honour for a short game and 30 for a longer game.

Patreons can get a print and play of the latest version right now – the full game is still in development for the end of 2017.

Ideas for expansions now available to take a look at – here!


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