State of the game – Tranquility Station

Tranquility Station is about a very unlucky space station following some sort of accident that has killed the previous crew. Players are assigned to be the new crew, taking on jobs from Captain, to Personnel or Chef. 

Players must work together to run the station, overcoming different situations and ensuring the station and players survive. Each round a new situation is presented which players can work together to normalise.

Unfortunately for the staff aboard Tranquility Station, one of the staff members is not all that they seem. One staff member has been influenced by a criminal element to undertake a special mission and destroy part of the ship, murder a staff member or force the crew to evacuate.

The dedicated team of security staff are always aboard to help out and eradicate any traitorous elements amongst the staff.

So don’t worry and enjoy life amongst the stars! Where nothing can possibly go wrong! 

Tranquility station game board

The game board showing the different sections and escape countdown

The Head of Security looks after the safety of those on board

Many heads of department can also undertake secondary jobs – the Head of Personnel is often found dabbling in the kitchen cooking up a storm!

Traitors have certain objectives to complete, from destroying part of the ship, to forcing it to be evacuated.

Scientists can research better equipment to help keep the starion and its staff in top shape

New situations arrive every round, sometimes with disastrous consequences for the team

Setting up the game in Table Top Simulator

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